Social Networking Websites and Marketing for Your Business

Posted by henrischauffler on February 28, 2018

Social networking websites are now offering the greatest advantages of anyone who is looking for market their products and services. MySpace, Skype, FaceBook or Twitter contains many great benefits and features, which will aid greatly to any business that is looking to jump into the social network-marketing arena.

These particular social networking websites contain over millions of internet users, which does provide any business with a huge pool of potential customers. If you are new to social networking, please understand that courtesy is the key with social networking. Social networking websites were not created for market advertising.

You risk your profile becoming banned upon a social networking website if your profile only contains advertising for your business. If you are banned from a social networking website, let us face it, this would not be good for business and you have just shut yourself off to millions of internet users. Sometimes you can be banned from social networking websites without even knowing what you did wrong. Make sure you familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations of any social networking website, which you join.

Utilizing social networking websites to market your products and services is great but remember that you have to market yourself as well. This is a concept, which is slowly catching on within the social network marketing community. Upon setting up a profile on the social networking website, you should describe yourself, not your business. The key to social network marketing is being subtle. Be creative with your social network profile. You do not have to leave out the fact that you have a business but you do want potential customers to ask questions.

Make sure you make friends within the communities you join. You must also keep in mind that there are people who more than likely already have an interest in your products and services and all you need to do is sell the products or services to them. If you receive inquiries about your products and services, you can always direct them to your business website, which will feature the products and services, which your business offers.

The majority of social networking websites are minors or under the age of 35. Products and services, which you offer, that are inappropriate for minors will not be successful on any social networking website. Make sure you target the correct audience as compared to blindly targeting anyone from any demographical group.

Keep in touch with your friends, which you make within the online community. Ensure that you message them as well as keep up your blogs and bulletins. This will create a great appeal and make people interested in you and your profile. If you gain potential customers who are interested in you, then you can take that particular opportunity to sell your products and services.

Social Networking Expands Your Reach

Posted by henrischauffler on February 27, 2018

Social networking is one of the most efficient and cost effective ways to spread the word about your business. Did you know that over 93% of all social media users believe that a company should have a strong presence on social networks?

You see, social network marketing is the perfect way to build social proof for your business and products. It allows you to have a more personalized approach to marketing and can help your business reach thousands of prospective customers in seconds.

A good social networking marketing strategy can build brand awareness for a product in a matter of seconds. Now how many forms of advertising can do that?
There is no other marketing method that allows you to get an ad in front of thousands of potential customers for only a few dollars. And if you coordinate your marketing efforts on your own and you already have a big following, you can get your message across without having to spend a dime.

Another big advantage of social networking is that it allows you to modify your campaigns on the fly, something you just can’t do through traditional advertising methods. You can track the efficiency of your campaigns in real time and make modifications instantly without having to spend thousands of dollars on new sales material.

If you manage to gather a huge following, you’ll be able to use your audience to build new brands, run focus groups, or launch a new line of products. You can do some follow up on your customers and send them personalized offers that fit their needs and lifestyle.

Social networking is also a great way to build a list of business contacts. You can use business oriented social networking sites such as LinkedIn to make connections and find professionals that could help you take your business to the next level.

All in all, social networking is a truly revolutionary way to do business. The popularity of social networking is ever growing and you would be a fool not to take advantage it. More and more companies are using social network advertising to increase brand awareness and increase their sales. So make sure that you don’t overlook social networking as part of your marketing strategy if you don’t want to be left behind.

Social Network Marketing Can Improve Your Business

Posted by henrischauffler on February 26, 2018

Anyone with a home based business can greatly benefit from social networking websites. Social network marketing does provide an arena where you can reach out to a large as well as specific audience.

Home based businesses

Home based businesses do not require large work forces in fact; most people run their home based businesses by themselves out of the comforts of their own home. Do keep in mind however that no matter how large or small your employee list is, you will need customers and social networking websites is a wonderful way of linking your home business with other groups of people who are either within the same industry or could benefit from your products and services.

People who work from home while utilizing social networking websites as their marketing tools also find a new avenue to make friends. Social networking websites is truly a great place to start for anyone who is considering or anyone who currently has a home based business.

Networking is the key with social networking websites

It is much easier for home based businesses to network through social networking websites. Another great benefit of social networking websites is that you will gain abundance of tips as well as suggestions from other people within your network. Gaining contacts within your social network is imperative in your social network marketing attempts.

You must make friends and maintain them upon your social networking marketing attempts. The great thing about social networking websites is that you can find particular groups, which are similar to what you have to offer from your business.

Social websites offer many benefits for home based businesses

You must keep up with the pace within the particular industry you are competing within. Social networking websites allows business website owners to stay refreshed of numerous technological changes which do occur frequently upon not only the internet but also the marketing field overall. Home based businesses can take advantages of the many benefits, which social networking as well as social networking websites has to offer. Even with home based businesses, outsourcing is definitely something to consider. Outsource companies can offer a range of services that your business alone cannot perform.

Looking for employees? Social networking websites is a great place to start

Social networking does provide an arena, which is rich with numerous people for possibly hiring into your business. If you are interested in this particular feat, ensure that you gain references while ensuring that you perform a background check on the references, which you receive. Social network marketing also aids with decreasing the costs of advertising as well as marketing. Some social network websites can be highly effective with your marketing needs as well as exposing your products and services to a higher customer base.

Social Network Marketing And What It Can Do For You

Posted by henrischauffler on February 25, 2018

Most people ask the wrong questions when talking with marketers: “How can you make money off social networks?”

The value is placed on social networks such as MySpace, Orkut, Friendster, LinkedIn, Mixx, Stumbleupon, Reddit, Twitter and Flikr, while ignoring the real reason these networks were setup and how you can use those ideas to help your business

The top social networking websites which are Myspace, Orkut and Friendster were founded as a way to stay in touch with friends and family and to meet new people online that all share the same ideas. LinkedIn has a similar slant – it is great for entrepreneurs and professionals who want to keep track of their contacts for hiring / outsourcing. Flicker is just a blindingly simple tool for sharing photos.

The success of social networks marks a dynamic shift in how people are using the Internet. We have evolved from just searching for information to creating and participating in social spaces with other individuals through the Internet. This model is based upon the hive mentality where people identify themselves as part of a group with similar likes and interests that draw them together.

Social networks make viral marketing and word-of-mouth marketing much easier than before. The best use of social networks is not to make money ‘directly’ off them, but to harness their marketing potential and to use them to market your own business. The best way to do that is to optimize your website (including the process of link building) for your target keywords.

Online social networks present an efficient platform for you to use in the spread of your marketing message. In addition, they are also a great tool for getting tons of visitors and thousands of page views to your site.

What this all means is that you need to devote more of your attention towards how you can leverage the traffic you do receive from these sources. To do that, you should allow your visitors to create their own social network centered on your niche topic. The power of this cannot be missed since social networks allow for multiple points of connections between almost anyone on Earth, giving them the ability to find, share, enjoy, and track anything and everything that tickles their fancy.

Social network marketing works in the exact same fashion, except people choose to provide your link without being asked to do so, and places like del.ici.ous, Digg, Blogpulse, and Technorati give them the ability to do that. In offline terms, that means turning towards your friends and family to ask for their opinions. Online, it means turning towards a group of trusted people whose opinions and recommendations you value.

In fact, in lots of cases, you’ve probably done some research on your own, using the traditional search engine marketing model and then turned to a social network that you’re a part of to validate your findings and complete your research by getting their experiences and opinions about the topic. This is social network marketing at work in its purest form.

Online social networks provide the platform needed to speak out (if they are so inclined) or to simply watch the conversations as they happen.

Social Network Marketing Basics

Posted by henrischauffler on February 24, 2018

Social network marketing is very much implanted within our current marketing society. Social networking is utilized for a great many things and is not necessarily always good things. There is a lot of unethical behavior being conducted upon social networking websites and this throws into questioning what exactly people generally are utilizing social networking for. Even with this stated, do understand that social network marketing can also be utilized to your advantage for you and your business.

If social network marketing is performed correctly as well as professionally, it can prove very much advantageous for you and your business. Social network marketing can place you and your business in front of other businesses as long as you follow simple yet ethical rules.

Limit your participation within the online forums. Limit yourself to no more than a few minutes daily while making sure you are contributing interesting topics and questions. Upon professional social network marketing websites, you will find the complete opposite is true with sharing of information, which can greatly benefit you and your business greatly.

Look at the forum, which you want to join and post something interesting. Post some questions about things you need assistance with or recommend products and services to other vendors or suppliers. What you can share is limitless as long as you conduct yourself professionally yet ethically.

FaceBook is a very common social networking website along with Twitter and others. There are many social networking websites, which you can go to for your social network marketing needs for your business. One of the advantages of FaceBook is that you can link videos and blogs to your homepage. You can perform this with other social networking websites however, FaceBook is very much hardwired into Google that the opportunities are limitless with your marketing strategies. MySpace is somewhat similar to FaceBook however, I have found that where MySpace is very popular with the general population it is not however popular with professionals.

You need to understand that when you post something upon these social networking websites that it is permanent. You will need to ensure that the information is disseminated. You do not want information permanently posted to harm your professional reputation. All of your posts are open to the public. You do not want something, which you posted upon a social networking website whether personal or professional to be utilized against you inside a courtroom.

Ensure that you are professional as well as intelligent with your postings. You will need to get your website up and running and remember to get yourself listed to friends and professional friend’s online forum lists. You will benefit greatly from joining a social networking website both personally and professionally as long as you do follow these simple rules.

Want To Try A Different Advertising Platform? Use Social Media Marketing!

Posted by henrischauffler on February 23, 2018

In this day and age, many businesses are jumping on the social media bandwagon. This makes it that much more important to stand out in your marketing efforts. With so much competition out there, you want the buyers to take notice of your company. This article will provide some valuable tips that can allow you to do just that.

You should always update your Facebook page with a message indicating that you have written a new blog post and a link back to the blog. This will increase traffic to your blog from your friends and generate the possibility that your friends will share your link on their page as well.

Always be careful of aggressive promotion when using social media to market your business. Statistically, social media users have been open and receptive to marketing. This is especially true if it involves coupons or a discount. Marketing is not the primary reason they are on social media though, so avoid using aggressive sales tactics and over promotion of your products.

Your social media page is the same as a telephone number for many of your clients. Especially if that is where they first heard of you and your product. Frankly, failing to respond to any of your clients within 12 to 24 hours may well kill a sale or retaining the client as a long term client. Sometimes just a short post to their message can be just the right touch to save a client through your Social Media page.

Have you heard the old saying “One picture can be worth a thousand words.” That saying is so true! It has been proven time and again in social media marketing that a related image will retain your visitors on your page longer than just a written message. It is also more likely to draw a click through to your product.

For the holidays, create a tutorial on original uses of your products. Perhaps your products can be turned into Halloween costumes or be used to prepare Thanksgiving dinner. People will love these videos if you use humor and if these tutorials are actually helpful to them. Encourage your friends and followers to send you pictures of their creations.

Create a RSS feed for your updates and give your readers the opportunity to subscribe to it. This will allow them to see your posts when they log into their Google account or right on their computer desktop if they use an RSS widget. Depending on your target audience, you will get more or less success with an RSS feed.

Standing out in the world of social media means increased business coming through your door. Finding ways to stand out can be tricky though, as the competition will always be working to stay one step ahead of you. In this article, we have provided some innovative tips which will allow your business to take the lead.

Social Media Marketing Video – Keep It Super Simple

Posted by henrischauffler on February 22, 2018

There is always something new online, today we have Facebook and Twitter and many savvy marketers are using both to drive a ton of very qualified traffic to their website. To really amp up the results you can also do social media marketing video. You can use this method to promote pretty much any type of product you can think of online.

The one underlying thing to keep in mind whenever you use video to market a product or service is that the quality of the video will go a long way in determining what kind of results you get. A poorly made, hard to see or hear video won’t do much to make you look like a knowledgeable expert in your niche. No one expects Academy Award caliber videos, but they must be well laid out and visually appealing.

For most marketing videos the K.I.S.S. acronym works extremely well: Keep It Simple Stupid. Don’t go over the top with flashy graphics or loud music. It’s much better to just deliver a quality video that will help your target audience handle some problem or issue in the shortest amount of time possible. That’s really all they want, someone who can show them how to do the one thing they desperately want to know how to do.

It could be to potty train their Pitbull, start seedlings, or just learn how to make big bucks online. Whatever it is, if you can show them in easy to follow steps, on video, how they can do it, they’ll be your friend forever.

Don’t go hog wild and invest thousands in high tech gear to record your videos. Instead a few hundred dollars, some screen capture software and/ or a video camera, a tripod (optional) and a decent microphone is really all you need.

Once you’ve assembled the tools you need to come up with a compelling video. Again, pinpoint the one issue the people in your niche face and then teach them a way to overcome that issue.

Don’t get tongue tied or stammer throughout the video either. Make an outline of the major points you want to cover so you don’t get distracted and jump from one point to another. Don’t talk too fast or too slow. You have to make sure that you’re viewers can not only understand you but hopefully that they’ll come to trust and like you too.

That’s the huge benefit on using video online, it greatly increases the personalization of the otherwise impersonal internet. It allows you to connect with people on a much deeper level and if you use that properly, it can make a huge difference in your business.

Being able to allow your visitors to hear your voice and see your face while you give them help with a problem they’re having is taking social media marketing video to a whole new level. Remember, it takes an average of 7 contacts with people before they feel comfortable enough with you to make a purchase, by allowing people to really get to ‘know’ you through video, you can get the most out of those 7 contacts and maybe even speed up the process.

Social Media – The New Backbone to the Internet

Posted by henrischauffler on February 21, 2018

Social media includes any website or application that allows a great deal of interaction with others. These sites include bookmarking and networking sites. Bookmarking sites are basically where you can add your favorite links and share them with others, while networking sites are much more intense with multiple ways to interact.

The rise in internet connection and usage has given way to more isolation for people. Rather than be out meeting people face-to-face, which takes a lot of time, social media has given busy people the way to connect with others in minutes. In this age of people not even knowing their neighbor’s name, this helps people to still socialize with others.

As technology has advanced, more and more people have devices that are internet capable such as smartphones or iPads. This enables people to access the various social media sites from just about anywhere. People post quick messages to these sites from their cars, from the office or even while out shopping.

According to a recent Nielsen survey, approximately 22% of all internet time is spent on the various networking and bookmarking sites. That’s more than 1/5 of all time on the web! The same survey showed that 3 out of every 4 people who use the internet spend some time on at least one social media website. This means that more people are using these sites than doing anything else on the web.

These sites are where your customers and prospects are spending their time. If you want to get your brand known and broaden your customer base, you need to be there with them. However, you must learn the proper ways to utilize social media in your advertising and promotion or you’ll fail miserably.

Doing nothing but pitching product after product will not get you very far at all with these kind of sites. In fact, it could get you booted out of most of them as it will be considered spammy. Instead of looking at these types of websites as places to sell, you must think of them as places to interact with your customer base.

The social media sites are where you go to build your credibility and build your brand. You need to gain trust before you focus on gaining revenue. Once you’ve established a bond or connection, that’s when the power of these sites comes into play.

The real power of social media is when your “friends” or “followers” trust you and recommend you to their “friends” or “followers”. As more of them interact with you, this activity is seen by their groups. This helps spread word of what you stand for as a company and increases your name recognition.

Social Marketing – The Hottest Trend

Posted by henrischauffler on February 20, 2018

Social marketing is becoming more and more popular as a legitimate marketing method these days. Most big companies have their own Facebook pages nowadays and they’re using them to generate more sales and brand awareness for their products. But how can you take advantage of all these social networking platforms to increase your sales? Well, in this article, I will show you how you can take advantage of the social networking craze and why it should be a central part of your marketing strategy.

First, let’s start with the most popular social network, Facebook. If you want to start using social marketing to further your business, there are a few things you have to know first. If you are intending to use your business name for your personal account, you have to be aware that you won’t be able to use it for a future fan page, so its better that you build a fan page first.

Now that your business fan page is up, it’s time to spy on your competitors and see how their fan pages look. Check how many friends they have, what the layout of their page is and what type of messages they are sending out. This will give you a good idea on how you can use your page to give your business more visibility.

Now that you have your Facebook page setup, you should register for a Twitter account. Make sure that you register as quickly as possible before one of your competitors beats you to it and registers your business name. Next, you should start running searches on Twitter’s homepage for various terms related to your business. You should also run a search for your business name to see if people are talking about you and what their view of your business is.

Now that you’re more familiar with Twitter and Facebook, you have two choices: you can either start social marketing on your own or hire a social media management firm. While you may think that it would be better to do the work yourself, you can benefit from the experience a social media management firm can give you.

And while the concept behind social marketing may seem simple, you have to understand all the subtleties of social networks to really take advantage of them. If you don’t know how to implement an efficient social marketing strategy, you might not get good results. If you feel like you can handle the work load, go ahead, but hiring the services of a good social media management team would be a wise investment for anyone who wishes to take their social marketing efforts to the next level.

Smart Ways To Use Email Marketing Today

Posted by henrischauffler on February 19, 2018

Marketing your business is a big job. You need to have techniques and methods that allow you to target your customers and clients in a way that fires them up for what you have to offer. Email marketing can be an excellent tool for your marketing strategy if you know how to use it. Here are some good tips to get you going.

You might need to try following up to your customers with an alert on a price increase. The email could include a link that says to act now in order to avoid this increase. The ending of the message could convince them to click on the link in order to understand all the details.

To help make sure you are sending out a good email marketing message, you need to test it in different formats beforehand. If you are sending out messages that your subscribers cannot read, then you will have unhappy customers who will not be able to view it. So make sure you are not wasting your time and your consumers with emails that will not properly show your message.

Use your email marketing campaign to offer customers a personal perspective of your business. Tell a story about how you got started and why you are passionate about your business while giving them a special promotion or offer. It will build trust in your clients and make them more apt to make a purchase from you.

The emails you send out as part of your marketing campaign should start out with a welcoming, personalized tone. Include the name of the recipient in the subject line and the opening of the message. This will make your customers feel more receptive to your message and be more likely to patronize your business.

Your job is only half finished once you hit the send button for your message. Follow up with any and all available analytic tools you have. Keep an eye out for the effectiveness of your message in terms of response. Follow up on anything that looks like it worked, like tailoring specific offers to sub-segments of your directory.

If you have to send out a long message, like a newsletter, use anchor tags near the top. Your subscriber should immediately see the headlines of the individual components of your message. This lets them jump straight to the ones that interest them instead of scrolling over the rest of it.

Make responding promptly to emails your top priority. If a potential customer reaches out to you through email, you ought to do everything you can to reply to them within one day. Waiting longer may cost you the customer, and they may mention the lack of response to others.

Email marketing can be a great opportunity to reach your clients and customers. If you implement the tips that this article has given you, you are likely to notice that your target market is more satisfied. Use the tips here to create a solid email marketing plan that ultimately raises your profits.