Want To Set Up Affiliate Marketing Programs?

Posted by henrischauffler on January 31, 2018

One of the things that many who want to see an increase in sales will do is set up affiliate marketing program for their product or service. It can be a great way to build sales in a very cost effective manner. If you have a product or a service that will meet a lot of people’s needs and expectations and you have researched that the market is good for it, then you will have no problem getting it going.

So what do you need to set up affiliate marketing programs? After the product or service is ready to hit the market, you need to decide on software that will handle your affiliate program. A quick search on Google will reveal several options.

You also have to decide to hire an affiliate manager that will handle the recruiting aspects as well as tracking progress, paying out commissions and maintaining relationships with the affiliates. This is something that is easily outsourced. Just make sure that as you are preparing a budget in th set up affiliate marketing program that you take into account the manager.

If the above sounds a bit complicated to you, you may want to work with an affiliate network. The better ones like ClickBank, Commission Junction, and LinkShare as well as some of the more popular ones will take care of most of the managerial aspects. They will probably have affiliates looking for products to sell and will take care of making sure that they follow guidelines, track sales, delivers the tools needed, and will also take care of paying the affiliates for you.

Another aspect to consider in set up affiliate marketing is the commissions that you will be paying out. Commissions can be anywhere from 5-6% to 50-60% depending on the nature of the product or service. Largely, the lower the overhead is, the greater the commission can be. It will be less profit per sale than if you were trying to do it all by yourself but if you have a small army of very willing and well commissioned affiliates the number of sales will be far beyond what you could ever do on your own at a very fast pace.

Another thing that will have to be considered in your set up affiliate program is tracking cookies. This is seen as a nuisance by some customers but is essential to helping reward those who send business your way. Each affiliate will have a tag number of some sort that will identify each visitor to your website as someone that they sent. This is useful for tracking sales. Not everyone will buy the first visit they make to your site. They may wait a day, a week, or sometimes even a month.

Remember that using affiliate marketers will give you much greater chances of success than if you were on your own and the better you take care of them, the better they will take care of you. If you can remember that in set up affiliate marketing you will see your product or service’s sales fly high.

SEO Tricks For Small Business

Posted by henrischauffler on January 30, 2018

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an important aspect of online marketing. Contrary to what many people believe, it is not something that only big businesses do. In fact, that’s one of the great things about the internet, small companies can compete with larger ones. However, you still need to understand how SEO works and how to use it if you want to be able to compete with bigger names in your chosen topic.

The foundation of any serious SEO campaign is research, but before you start your research, you need to know what your goals are. Your research will be much easier and more effective if you have an idea of what your expectations for your website are. Knowing this will help you zero in on the best keywords for you to use.

The keywords you choose are one of the most important parts of SEO. In fact, so much else in SEO revolves around your keywords, so take your time to select the best ones. You can start out by writing down as many key words and phrases you can think of. Think about what words you would use to search for your site, and what words other people are likely to use. You now have a starting point for using paid or free keyword tools. Enter each of your keywords and take note of how many people are searching for those words, and write down any other keywords the tool suggests. Your list will grow very quickly, giving you more ammo for your SEO campaigns.

Your own keywords are important, no question about it. But there are whole sets of keywords you also need to know about. What are they? They are the keywords your competitors are using. The way you find those is by entering each of your keyword phrases into a search engine and then visiting each of the top ten or twenty pages that come up. When you visit those pages, take note of the keywords they are using (there are also paid and free tools for this purpose). Also, take a look at how they are doing their SEO. Where are they using their keywords? What other keywords are they using? What anchor text do they use? How are the pages linked together, and so on.

Once you have done your research and chosen your keywords, you can move on to implementing various SEO techniques. Remember you have selected your keywords for a reason; to use them! Be sure to include your keyword in the title of the page, use hyperlinked text, heading tags, and other ways to highlight the keywords to show the search engines they should be placing importance on them. At the same time, be careful that you don’t go overboard. If you do, the search engines may think you’re trying to stuff too many keywords onto your pages, and will penalize you accordingly.

SEO is important to any size business that wants to be found when people are searching for information online. As mentioned earlier, even the smallest business can compete with larger ones if they take the time to learn and implement SEO.

SEO Tips for WordPress Marketing

Posted by henrischauffler on January 29, 2018

WordPress is one of the most powerful marketing tools that are available on the internet today. It can be used to create a blog for your internet business or your very own website to promote your product. What is really great about WordPress is that you can create either of these in a matter of minutes even if you do not know how to do HTML. The key to a successful WordPress blog or website is the SEO Capability. Here a few tips that you can use on your WordPress Marketing blog or website to make it SEO capable.

1. Permalinks:
You need to be sure that you are using permalinks on your WordPress site. By default your WordPress software contains web URL’s which contain question marks and numbers inside of them. These links are hard for the search engine web crawlers to attach themselves to. As a result your site will not be indexed as fast as it would normally be. WordPress also, however, does offer you the opportunity to create custom URL’s for both your permalinks and archives. You will be able to find this option under your Administration panel. All you will have to do is to choose the options panel then click on permalinks.

2. Titles:

In the permalinks section of your WordPress marketing software you have the option of date and name based. This option will place the year, month, date, and post title in your URL. For the SEO webcrawlers it is best to have the site of your site appear in the front of this URL. So instead of using the basic URL you should choose the custom URL and create a link that has your site name appearing first.

3. Tags:
Tags are a great addition to your site on a SEO standpoint. They will enable the search engines web crawlers’ crawl through your site more easily and also it will allow you to create specific pages for your tags and keywords. You can also install the Ultimate Tag Warrior for your WordPress.

4. Page Titles:
You will need to make sure you have good titles on all of your webpages. Just as you put the site name at the beginning of your URL you will need to do the same thing with your page title.

5. Post Titles:
The post titles that you choose should be clearly written. Do not stuff these titles with keywords that you are using to target your site or blog. Choose your keywords carefully when you are posting and get those words in your post title.

6. Autolinks:
You will also need to cross link to your own posts and pages in your content. You do this by linking keywords to your relevant posts.

7. Relevant Posts:
Be sure to post links to related posts under all your postings. This will help the web crawlers that are crawling through your site and indexing all of your posts.

8. Ping Services:
Each time you post or edit either a posting or a page your WordPress blog can notify a variety of different sites that you have updated your blog. It is very important that you use this step.

9. Google Sitemaps:
Google has a tool for you that are called Google Sitemaps. This tool will help you index your site and allows you to tell Google which pages are the most important.

10. Categories:
Categories will help you organize your content. If you have your permalinks turned on, the category names will appear in your URL. This is why it is very important that you name your category names very carefully. Try and make sure that you use keywords to name your categories and do not be afraid to make loads of them. WordPress gives you the ability to use sub categories and sub-subcategories so make as many categories you can. This way you are able to down your focus on certain keyword phrases.

Creating a WordPress site that is SEO ready is simple if you know how to do it correctly. Using these steps can help you create a great SEO site in no time.

SEO Strategies Will Drive Organic Traffic To Your Site

Posted by henrischauffler on January 28, 2018

Getting the most out of the free, organic, search results should be the goal of any online business owner. Hey, the traffic is free and ultra targeted, what more could you ask for? Finding and implementing the best seo strategies will depend mostly on your existing knowledge, if any, and your budget.

You know the saying: those that can’t do… hire. Well, maybe that’s not really the way it goes, but it works. If you don’t know much about seo and /or don’t have the time or inclination to learn, you can hire a company to do the work for you.

There are a lot of companies that specialize in this and many of them are quite reasonable in their pricing structure.

If you can’t afford to hire a company at this stage in the game, don’t worry, with a little knowledge and a few simple tweaks you can easily benefit from some basic seo and at least get your foot in the door.

Once you are making more money online you can invest in the knowledge, or hire someone, to take your seo efforts to the next level. For now, though, you can start here:

1. It all starts with your keyword list. Choosing the right keywords for your onsite seo has to be the first step, everything revolves around these keywords.

Make sure that you choose words, or phrases, that get at least one thousand searches a month and less than 20,000 competitors. They must also be closely targeted and highly relevant to the content of your website.

Search engines will either reward or penalize you on the relevance of your keywords, you don’t want to be penalized.

Once you’ve got your keywords focus on placing them in your meta tags, your headers and footers to start. This will grab the attention of the search engine spiders and they will move your site to the top of the rankings if they think it is highly relevant.

2. You can use a similar method to drive traffic to your website by writing and submitting quality, keyword focused articles. Now, this is the point when a lot of people make a mistake; they don’t write a quality informative article, instead they try to stuff as many keywords as possible into it until is is virtually all gibberish.

You won’t be rewarded for that, the search engines are too smart. Write your article around a keyword, but don’t write for the search engines, write for people.

If you supply your readers with genuinely helpful information, and optimize it with keywords, your article can get a top rating in the search engines and subsequently drive a lot of traffic to your website.

Don’t drive yourself into the poor house when you’re just starting out online by hiring an seo company that you can’t really afford. First, start making some money and then you can outsource much of your daily work. In the meantime, use these tips and utilize these seo strategies
to keep the traffic flowing and the cash register (virtual, of course) ringing.

SEO Pricing Should Fit Your Budget

Posted by henrischauffler on January 27, 2018

Most people understand that their primary role as an online entrepreneur is to drive as much quality traffic to their website as they can get. There are many ways to do that and most people will use several methods to get the best result. Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of those methods. Before you dive in and hire a company to do your SEO for you, you will want to check out seo pricing.

There are companies online that specialize in doing all the seo your website needs. The prices for such services will vary depending on several variables. For one thing, the number of keywords you will be targeting in your seo campaign. The more keywords you want to target, the higher the cost will be.

The more competitive the keywords you use, the higher the cost will be too. SEO isn’t a “set it and forget it” method. It will take ongoing attention. That’s why the more competitive keywords will cost more, they will take more time and attention.

Most SEO companies will sell their services in packages. Usually they will be divided up something like: 1 – 10 keywords, or 11 – 50 keywords,etc. The package you will choose will be based mostly on your budget.

Another important element to website SEO is back links. Many times companies will set their pricing structure on the number of back links they are creating.

Back links will gain more importance, and cost more, if the link comes from a highly ranked site. A back link from a website that has a PR4 rank will be priced differently than a PR8 website.

The truth is for most new, and smaller internet marketers, seo campaigns are out of bounds from a financial point of view. But that doesn’t have to mean that you can’t still benefit from seo optimization.

There are many places online where you can learn to do simple seo techniques that will allow you to benefit from optimization techniques. You can use these methods for your website, your blog posts and your articles.

If you do decide that you have enough of a budget to hire a company to do SEO for you than you need to carefully check them out. Find out what they will offer, how much it will cost and how much time and attention you can expect to get from them.

It’s also a good idea to find out what other people have to say about the company and their services. This can be a fairly big investment and you want to make sure that you hire a company that knows what they are doing, and can really help you get the results you want.

You also want to make sure that there are no surprises, that you know exactly what you will get and how much it will cost. Having a written contract in place is very important too. That way there can be no misunderstanding; both parties know what is expected of each other and how much it will cost.

When it comes to seo pricing remember that cost is only half the issue. You want to make sure that you get the service and results that you are really looking for.

Seo Article Marketing Tips

Posted by henrischauffler on January 26, 2018

Using seo article marketing methods can do a lot to drive very targeted traffic to your website all for free. If you know how to do it right, you can really get a lot of benefit out of all the articles you write.

many people seem to think that you can either write for humans or you can write for the search engines. They don’t seem to understand that you can actually do it both ways with one article.

To get the most out of all your seo article marketing efforts the first thing you have to do is find a good list of quality keywords associated with your niche website (fairly high searches with little competition).

Once you have your keyword list all you have to do is write quality articles around that keyword. As long as the articles you write are quality and provide good information that’s going to be half the battle.

Do not get stuck in the idea that you have to include your keyword in every sentence of your article. That is considered keyword stuffing and won’t do you any good.

Strive for no more than 3% keyword density. Put the keyword in your title, the first and last paragraph and a few other times throughout your article. That’s all you need.

The simplicity, yet effectiveness, of this methods is why it is so popular. By writing articles you will set yourself up as an expert in your niche. you can use your articles to provide a lot of helpful information to all you readers.

Online, it’s always best to give something of value before you expect to get anything. By giving your readers some good and helpful information and advice, you are building trust with them.

The other huge benefit of doing this, with the proper keywords, is that the search engines will reward you for your content with a high search engine ranking. This will give you a lot of organic traffic.

For example, if your niche is bird houses all you need to do is write some keyword optimized articles around the keyword “bird houses”. Then when someone does a search and types in the phrase “bird houses” your article may well be one of the first that shows up on the page! How is that for free traffic!

The same basic principle holds true for making blog posts. When you are adding content to your blog you simply follow these same basic steps. That way when someone does a search for your keywords they will see your blog post and subsequently land on your blog.

This provides you with a great opportunity to add an autoresponder to your blog and capture the visitors email address so you can contact them again.

Using this seo article marketing method can really help you ramp up your website traffic and the best part? It’s all for free! Just be careful to not fall into the mind set that if one keyword in an article is good, ten must be better. Don’t try to stuff your article with keywords, a few well placed keywords is all you need.

Seo Article Writing Tips

Posted by henrischauffler on January 25, 2018

Many online marketers really miss out on a great opportunity, they don’t know how to write a good seo article or blog post. They spend a lot of time churning out great articles but don’t get as much from them as they could.

There is a lot of debate about what is better: writing for the search engines (making your articles search engine optimized) or for humans. I say, why not do both?

You can use your articles to not only inform your readership and provide them with valuable information, you can also get the added benefit of using your articles to drive free search engine traffic. increase the amount of free organic traffic you drive to your website.

Of course you need to make sure that you don’t skew too far into the seo realm so that your articles are stuffed with keywords and are virtually unreadable for your readers.

In order to get the best of both worlds your first step will be to identify those keywords that drive a lot of visitors and don’t have exceptionally high competition.

Make sure you consider keywords that are related to your niche but may not be the most popular searched for keyword. Try to get creative and don’t hesitate to use the free keyword tools online to expand your list even further.

Now that you’ve got your keyword list, it’s time to start writing your seo article. You don’t have to stuff the article with keywords to get a great benefit. As a matter of fact, if you put in too many keywords it can actually hurt you. Your article must read naturally.

The first place to put your keyword is in the title of your article. That is the first thing the search engines will see.

After the title you will want to include your keywords a few times in the article body. How many times is enough? Well that depends on the length of your article but a good rule of thumb is to include it in the first paragraph, the last paragraph and once or twice more. Try to strive for a keyword density of no more than 3%.

While there is some debate on the best article length, you must have at least 250 words. I personally wouldn’t go much higher than 500. That is a good range because it provides a lot of information without becoming too long and boring to read.

If you are writing articles to drive traffic to your website as well as provide your readers with good information, than remember it is a numbers game. The more quality, keyword focused articles you get in circulation the more traffic you will get.

Many of these keyword optimized articles can continue to drive traffic for months or even years to come. That’s a big bang for your time and well worth it.

You don’t have to choose between writing an article for your readers and writing for the search engines, you can do both with one article. Use your keywords properly and you can get both benefits from just one seo article.

A good way for most people to make money is to sell stuff on ebay. This isn’t just about selling stuff you don’t need at a profit or presenting it in a specific way – it’s making as business out of this profitable new venture.

Posted by henrischauffler on January 24, 2018

A big part of this is the idea that one man’s garbage is another man’s gold. Even if you don’t want that GI Joe figure anymore, some avid collector out there’s probably willing to shell out a lot for it. That Playstation you have could be a classic to some people, or a well of parts to salvage or the like. Even a simple collectable card could be worth thousands of dollars to the right person. You can take advantage of the nature of this business when you sell stuff on ebay.

One way of working the Ebay system is to go around, buying these items that are sold for cheap and finding the right people to sell them to at a higher price, essentially making a profit by doing the matchmaking. This is most useful to those who have some capital or some liquid cash to play with. Other people who can take this route to making money by trying to sell stuff on Ebay are people who have a lot of friends, or at least know plenty of people. If they’re real friendly, they could even get these items for free.

That is not for everyone – not everyone has the money to play it that way. Perhaps, what they have instead is time. Time to go onto the internet and monitor their sales. Time to learn how to purchase and sell these things to begin with. You can become a mediator, one that takes a percentage of sales. For those who still aren’t following, you could ask your friends if they have anything they want to get rid of on Ebay – maybe they don’t have the time or the knowledge, but you probably do.

You can take their items and handle all the nitty-gritty. All the hassle is on you – the shipping, taking pictures and making the entry look good, that’s all on you. Monitoring it, that’s on you – all they have to do is give you the item and a commission when and if the item is sold. Essentially, you’re the middleman, one that sells their items for them so that they can go on with their own business and lives while you sell stuff on ebay.

If you make it big, you could even make it a huge but obviously local business. There are people out there who have made it a lucrative venture. It isn’t one that will last forever, but it’s definitely one that could be profitable.

Making money’s something that almost everyone would be interested in and Ebay offers you a method of doing so for a small amount of grunt work. Look around the house, or ask around – you’re bound to find some things that are worth selling. Then, perhaps, you could use that money as a stepping stone into bigger and more profitable ventures. Then you can look back and remember where you started out – by taking a chance to simply sell stuff on ebay.

Sell Online Products on Payloadz

Posted by henrischauffler on January 23, 2018

If you are seeking an online business that sells various products for a niche area of interest to you, you can do worse than sell online products on Payloadz.com. For those whom have created a product like a downloadable e-book, CD training course, or other types of informational products – this is a great way to spread the word and create a buzz on the web for your product. People are making large sums of money on eBay every day selling their own products or via affiliate links to hot merchandise.

Payloadz offers the ability to provide an online merchant service selling various downloadable products. This covers so many interest groups such as software, music, games and artwork, plus many more categories. It’s a purely automated service that sues PayPal and Google checkout making it easy for your customers to point and click their way to their desired product. Their site boasts: Our sellers see an average 1,000% increase in sales using our service.

It’s free to sign up for a lifetime account. The whole thing is automated from the customer ordering the product to delivery. What’s more, the service allows you to sell through your own site or on eBay. The account has a tracking system so you can keep records of all your payments received.

If you need to sell a product and propel it into the best search engine listings for keyword searches on your type of product, then a customized online store like this can be very powerful. The store can be customized to your look and feel, one that suits your clients. The store takes minutes to create and you do not need to be a designer to create the store on Payloadz.

As an addition, I would recommend that if you plan to use the Payloadz store to sell online products on your site, add a live support system window. This gives you real time access to your visitors and any pre-sales questions. They can also leave messages here if you are not available. Ensure your contact details are easily found.

Communication will add credibility to your Payloadz store as you will be seen to want to build trust with the customer. Remember to keep updating your site and store with refreshing content aimed at broadcasting the product benefits. Know when the product becomes obsolete or a competitor has a vastly improved version. If your competitor has a dazzling web site for their store front, you need one; employ the services of an outsourced freelancer to design your pages around your Payloadz products if you are not a designer.

If your product is information, this is the easiest and most wanted commodity on the web. There is no shipping or handling required, none of those extra fees associated with delivery are incurred. The product can be downloaded or simply sent via email.

Adding the Payloadz ‘Buy Now’ button allows customers’ to add items to their shopping cart with ease. No expensive merchant accounts going on here. Just paste the code into your site page and you are done.

A free account can be set up but has a limit of $150, so if you are serious about selling online, go for the other options.

In order to sell online products, you need to just follow the steps above in line with the Payloadz services. It is not an arduous task. You will reap the rewards of a successful business once you start tapping into your market using the power of the internet. Your store will run 24/7 and do all the work for you. While you sleep, orders can still be flowing through your store.

Best of luck with your online business!

Search Term Suggestion – Saves Time and Money

Posted by henrischauffler on January 22, 2018

Keywords are one of the most important aspects of your online business. Keywords will determine how many visitors you get, how much you will pay for those visitors (though in many cases it can be totally free) and how qualified those visitors are. To find the best keywords you need to use the best keyword search term suggestion tool.

There are many to choose from, but one of the best is completely free to use. Google has a keyword tool that provides you with several search parameters and it is free to use right online, you don’t need to download anything.

Since Google is one of the big 3 search engines it’s just common sense that they would know which search terms get searched for the most as well as other factors about how competitive they are.

Using their data and keyword tools can provide you with all the keyword information you need to make money online. There is a process to it though, learn the process first so you know the best way to do it.

When you start out online one very common (and very wrong) practice is to use the keywords that have a lot of monthly searches. By ‘a lot’ I mean search terms that are getting into the hundreds of thousands of searches a month.

At first glance that seems like a good idea, doesn’t it? Surely with hundreds of thousands of visitors to your site, you will be rich and retiring from your day job in no time.

But, not so fast. With those highly searched for keywords you will have so much competition that it’s very unlikely that you will be able to compete at all. That means you probably won’t get any traffic from those keywords.

A much better strategy is to find keywords that have fewer searches per month so you can rank well for them. Even if you have a list of a dozen or so keywords and each of them averages a few thousand searches a month. You can rank well for many of those terms, not just one.

Think of the traffic you would get if you had say 10 keywords that each got 1,500 searches a month and you were on page one, in the first or second spot for all ten of those keywords. That’s a lot of visitors to your website.

If you add some of these keywords to your web pages you can rank high with the search engines. It’s called search engine optimization and it is a much better investment than paying for traffic and always having to worry about what your bid prices will be.

There are many excellent tools you can use to pick out your keyword list. This process can get a little boring sometimes but it is crucial to your online success.

With so many search term suggestion tools available and many of them free, you can take some of the time and tedium out of the equation.