The Truth about Multi Level Marketing Scams

Posted by henrischauffler on September 30, 2017

There is a great deal of confusion about multi-level marketing scams. Perhaps the most important fact to point out right from the beginning is that multi level marketing scams do not exist. In fact, multi level marketing companies are legal and legitimate businesses. Synonyms for multi level marketing are network marketing and MLM. But no matter how you say it, multi level marketing is on the up and up. When you think “multi level marketing scam”, what you are really referring to are pyramid or Ponzi scams. It’s pretty easy to see why they are confused so don’t feel bad. Multi level marketing is based on a pyramid hierarchy (as are many other types of traditional business models) just as pyramid and Ponzi scams. Another similarity between the multi level marketing and pyramid/Ponzi schemes is that you usually have to pay an initial start-up fee. When I say “usually”, I am only refering to multi level marketing businesses because some of these don’t actually require an initial start-up fee while ALL pyramid and Ponzi schemes require an initial investment. You’ll see why in a minute. Yet another similarity between the legitimate MLM and the illegitimate pyramid/Ponzi scheme is that in both, you earn commissions on the people that you end up recruiting into your business. But pay attention because here is where you can really tell if a business falls under the multi level marketing category or the pyramid/Ponzi scheme category: While your initial fee in the network marketing also buys you some of the products or services that the company sells, the initial fee in pyramid or Ponzi schemes doesn’t get you anywhere but “in” the business. With pyramid/Ponzi schemes, you are basically just paying to be a member of this group which offers nothing but the opportunity for you to make money off other people who come into the same group. In legitimate multi level marketing businesses, you can also earn from recruiting others into the business. However, you are recruiting others into the business to sell the products or services that the company offers.
Network Marketing (or you may say MLM or multi level marketing) businesses have undergone quite a bit of scrutiny due to their similarity to Ponzi and pyramid schemes. In fact, when these illegal businesses were first born, they did quite a bit of damage before the FTC was able to catch up with them. And MLMs have suffered also because of the mistaken connection between the two. However, the good news is that strict control by the FTC has pretty much wiped away pyramid and Ponzi scams. So remember, if you do see a business that seems to be offering commissions without offering any type of product or service, make sure you check it out with the FTC. And most of all, remember. . .multi level marketing scams do not exist.

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Where Can You Find a Good Multi Level Marketing Review

Posted by henrischauffler on September 29, 2017

For newcomers to network marketing or those who are considering switching companies or even joining an additional MLM opportunity, the multi level marketing review is an essential piece of information. The challenge is to be able to find a review that is unbiased and objective, although some opinions and suggestions might also be helpful. This article references a few review sites that offer information.

MLM Review Kings run by Brian Garvin and Jeff West offers a good review of many MLM opportunities along with, of course, their top recommendations. You can find the reviews divided up by categories or in alphabetical order on the right-hand side of the home page, in addition to a lot of information that could help you as a network marketer. offers a fairly comprehensive list of MLM companies that you might want to check out. You can find them all at the left-hand side of the site in alphabetical order along with some other interesting topics which are pertentant to network marketing and internet marketing in general.

WAHonline offers tips on finding the right MLM company for you along with a multi level marketing review of several network marketing businesses. Another nice touch is that you are also invited to send in a request of a company that you would like reviewed – this could be very helpful.

That MLM Beat has just recently published a post ranking the top MLM blogs in 2009 and this is a great source of information for anyone who is involved in network marketing in any way, shape or form. Just this one post offers a wealth of information.

Ultimate MLM Reviews is one site which offers a few decent reviews of network marketing companies although its end goal is to lead you to one of the network marketing companies that the author recommends. Also, its worth noting that the overall view of the network marketing industry on this site is rather negative.

Another great place that you can find some reviews of network marketing companies are in the network marketing forums. OnlineMLM Forum is one such forum as is MLM Forums. There are many internet marketing and network marketing forums which offer some insight, although it could be rather subjective, into the network marketing industry.

The network marketing industry always brings up extremely polar views. Some people are very passionate about it, including top authors like Robert Allen and Robert Kiyosaki. And yet, it continues to be something that is frowned upon by the majority. It’s interesting to note that the mention of franchises not too long ago would have stirred up the same types of reactions.

Network marketers who are serious about building their businesses should be reading and learning about business basics, the most up to date sales and marketing techniques, strategies for networking and business development, etc.

And a multi level marketing review is a good place to start if you want to learn more about the industry in general as well as be informed about specific companies.

Can You Sell This Multi Level Marketing Product

Posted by henrischauffler on September 28, 2017

The product or service offered is just one aspect that you need to evaluate when researching your next network marketing company . . .but it is an important one. So what should you look for in terms of a good multi level marketing product or service?

According to Darren Falter, author of How to Select a Network Marketing Company, and the top network marekters that he interviewed, there are 7 qualities that define a “good” network marketing product.

So here are the questions you should ask yourself about the products or services of the marketing company that you are considering:

Is the product consumable on a regular basis (food items, nutritional supplements, cosmetics, skin care, candles, motor oil, dish soap, hair coloring)? Or is the product something that you buy once and it lasts forever. You want to make sure you’ll be representing a product that people will need over and over again.

Is the product or service emotional? Does it make you feel excited, healthy, sexy, nostalgic or beautiful or stir up any other emotions in any way? If so, it’s passed the test. If not, you may want to move on in your search, depending on the answers to the rest of the questions.

Is the product unique? Does it stand out in any way? If so, what is the unique angle? A good multi level marketing product should be unique. . .but you want to make sure that it is “believably unique” as well. If something seems far-fetched, check it out further. Some things that can contribute to a product’s uniqueness factor are a patented formula, a unique ingredient, a unique patent or trademark, the first-to-market status, celebrity endoresement and unique branding or packaging, just to name a few.

Is the product traditional for the direct sales market? So, are people used to buying this type of product from distributors directly and not in retail establishments? If not, it might create some difficulties for you in your business. If people aren’t used to purchasing things through direct sales, you’ll have a hard time getting them to change their minds.

How valuable is the product? It needs to be perceived as being at least worth its price and maybe more. Would it sell in a retail store at the same price?

How timely is the product? Is the demand for this product huge right now? Don’t be fooled if you hear that this product will be extremely popular once it gets going. You can’t speculate about how great a product will be. You can make money on what is doing well right now. Timing is everything.

How stable is the product? How long has it been around and how long will it last? Make sure you choose a company that has been around long enough to prove its worth. A good benchmark is usually about five years.

If you’re looking for the right multi level marketing product, following this list will put you on the right track!

12 Tips On Where You can Find a Multi Level Marketing List

Posted by henrischauffler on September 27, 2017

There are quite a few websites that offer a multi level marketing list of opportunies.

Wikipedia offers a short unbiased list of only a few of companies and you can actually click on each of the links to get more details about each opportunity.

MLM Consultant offers quite a long list of MLM companies and is edited quarterly.

Consumer Fraud Reporting offers both a list of MLMs as well as a list of convicted MLM scam organizations. Although this site could be helpful as a reference for what types of scams to avoid, it is not the best one in terms of gaining a better understanding of multi level marketing and doesn’t even come close to including all of the reputable MLM companies around the world.

Best MLM Opportunities offers a list of what Dr. Wurthen feels to be the top network marketing companies. Obviously, you need to keep in mind that his report will be subjective.

MLM Rankings displays a fairly comprehensive multi level marketing list and also grades each of them on popularity.

MLM WatchDog claims to be the largest MLM – Network Marketing List and by the looks of it, they may be right! Although the layout of the site is a little bit hard on the eyes, the content is of good quality and all of the contact details are listed for each MLM as well.

Npros has another very comprehensive list and what’s even better with this site is that you can search your MLM by the category of the products/services offered. This is something that’s pretty hard to find in a list of MLM opportunities.

Network Marketing Works offers a nice list of MLM opportunities along with some useful advice on how to research them and get started with network marketing. offers 2 lists: one is the top 50 established network marketing companies that have been around for at least 5 years. The second list contains 40 start-up MLM companies that haven’t reached their 5-year mark yet. While some might think you have more earning potential with a newer company, you also want to be a little extra cautious with these. They are the most likely to run into problems and not be able to survive.

Another subjective list comes from Although objectivity is good in a list, it could also be helpful to see what someone else has to say about certain companies.

Nexera lists only a few network marketing companies (those who have been in business for over ten years) but also ranks them for various other factors including how well they rank in internet terms. is just a plain and simple list of MLM opportunites. The list is long but no further information about the companies is available.

There are thousands of multi level marketing companies around the world – and as you can see, not just one multi level marketing list. Hopefully these suggestions can help you in your search for the right one!

The Illusive Multi Level Marketing History Explained

Posted by henrischauffler on September 26, 2017

Like many other misunderstood concepts, multi level marketing has met resistance in the past due to a general confusion of what it’s all about. The multi level marketing history is pretty straight forward but things got confused in the general public’s mind when illegal pyramid and Ponzi schemes were created around the same time.

In reality, multi level marketing, also known as network marketing or simply MLM, is just another sales model that first emerged in the early 1940’s. A company called California Vitamins realized that all its new sales representatives were friends and family of the existing sales force, the reason being that they wanted the product at wholesale cost. The management also discovered that it was far easier to create a sales force of a lot of people who each sold a small amount of the product than it was to find a few people who could sell a lot of products.

So they responded to what was going on by designing a sales compensation structure that encouraged their sales staff to turn satisfied customers (often family and friends) into sales representatives. The company rewarded them for the sales produced by their entire team of sales representatives. And multi level marketing history was made!

In 1956, Dr. Forrest Shaklee joined in the multi level marketing concept to offer a broader distribution of the food supplements he had developed.

And then in 1959, former NutraLite distributors Rich DeVoss and Jay Van Andel started the Amway company as the American Way of marketing products.

All was fine and good until the concept got into some wrong hands who started to abuse it. Believe it or not, one of the first examples of this came in the form of chain letters. The letters promised great profit if you would send a dime or a dollar to the person at the bottom and many did just that. Although these letters actually started and were thankfully shut down before multi level marketing was born, they later spawned similar schemes which we know as pyramid or Ponzi schemes. These illegal activities involve paying members commissions for recruiting other members. However, no product or services is offered as it is by legal MLMs.

In 1974, Senator Walter Mondale declared pyramid and Ponzi schemes to be the nation’s number one consumer fraud. And that’s when it got rough for multi level marketing. In the mid 1970’s, because they had no real clear understanding of what network marketing was all about, the Federal Trade Commission began to target all network marketing companies. In 1975, the FTC filed suit against Amway, on the grounds that the company was an illegal pyramid and that its refusal to sell its products in retail stores constituted a restraint of trade.

Four years and millions of dollars later, Amway cleared its name. In 1979 the FTC finally ruled that Amway was not a pyramid, that its revenue was generated from the sale of its products, and the FTC acknowledged network marketing as a legal distribution system.

Since then, the multi level marketing history has come to include thousands of successul MLM companies all around the world.

Your Multi Level Marketing Blog – A Must For Serious Network Marketers

Posted by henrischauffler on September 25, 2017

If you’re a network marketer, setting up your own multi level marketing blog is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to bring people into your business. Having your own blog can establish you as a professional and authoritiy in the industry and it’s a great place to refer family members, friends and otherS who are interested in what you are doing. Besides being a great reference for people that you come into contact with regularly, your blog can actually attract people who you’ve never even met before.

So, how do you set up your own multi level marketing blog?

The first concept you need to grasp is that you do not want to set up a blog about your network marketing company or its products or services. Your blog should focus on all aspects of multi level marekting in general, not those that are not specific to your company and what it offers. Most people will not be interested in your network marketing company. But they will be interested in how they too could become successful in the multi level marketing industry. Your blog should offer instruction, advice and tips that can help your visitors who are interested in MLM.

Where can you set up your blog?

There are many platforms to choose from. If you are new to blogging, I highly recommend starting with Blogger because not only is it free, but you can actually earn money from the AdSense ads that are automatically placed on your blog. Blogger doesn’t offer all of the features that some of the other blog platforms do but it’s a great place to start and you can actually export your Blogger blog to another platform later on should you decide to do so.

How to get started?

After you’ve set up your account, the first thing you want to do is post an article that’s somewhere between 400 and 600 words long. You can write about anything at all that is related to network marketing and feel free to include your opinions and recommendations. . .that’s what blogs are all about. Eventually, you will want to do some keyword research to include popular search terms in your articles. You can search for terms here This is how your posts can be picked up by the search engines so when people type in certain words, your blog will come up in the results.

How do you know who’s visiting your blog?

The whole point of having your own blog is to generate leads for your business so it’s important that you have something incorporated that can capture the contact information of your visitors. Set up an auto-responder account with AWeber, GetResponse, IContact, Oprius or any of the other services out there and put a form on your blog. You’ll have to offer something to get your visitors to fill out the form like a free newsletter, a free e-book or free training.

The key to maintaining an effective blog is consistency. Be consistent with your posts and offer advice and you’re off to a good start with your multi level marketing blog!

More Ideas to Build Traffic to Your Website

Posted by henrischauffler on September 24, 2017

Websites are created for the purpose of sharing and providing information in the targeted audiences. The common ingredient in all successful websites is the traffic they attract. Traffic is the key element of all websites.

Search engines, recommendations, and directories are very valuable traffic methods.

Search engines are search for relevant content, keywords, Meta tags, and images. When you have the information on your site you get traffic. Recommendations are precisely what the names states. You receive recommendations from internet users that recommend your site to others. Directories are lists of categories that are grouped for easy access by people searching for information.

To achieve traffic from the search engines, you need to have high rankings on their results. It is the same with directories. Recommendations are achieved by word of mouth from a happy client to another source. You provide a great service or product and word will spread.

These are the most popular forms of obtaining website traffic. You may have to pay for some of the services yet to make money you may have to spend money. There are other options to obtain website traffic.

You can use organic placement. This the process of your site being located due to it being found by copious number of individuals with their search results making your rankings on the search engines rise with each hit as it increases in popularity. To make increase your organic placement, you use relevant keywords and terms in different phrasing that the interne users may enter into the search engines.

You can achieve the higher levels of traffic using the first three methods. You will have to work hard to get the traffic. You need to be determined and unyielding with your efforts. It will take time yet once you start seeing the results from your efforts you know you have reached a very high goal you set for your business. It is something anyone is proud to achieve.

Add other simple traffic methods such as newsletters, viewer feedback forums, affiliate marketing, blogging, RSS feeds, and video to your website. There are other methods to make your website more appealing and interesting. Any additional content or features you add to your site will increase your traffic.

When you want to attract an audience to your website, you have to have a high quality interesting and intriguing site filled with content other sites don’t have. You have to be the leader in the industry so you stand out in the crowded internet websites. It has been said to be a successful businessperson you need to learn to think outside the box. This is true for your website and business.

More Helpful Blogging Advice – Take The Next Step

Posted by henrischauffler on September 23, 2017

There was a time when blogs were the “latest and greatest” thing online. While they may not get as much media attention as social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, blogs are still as popular as ever. The reasons for starting a blog may vary, but everybody can benefit from good blogging advice, regardless of how new or experienced they may be. The good news is that blogging is fairly easy to learn, but at the same time, there are always ways to improve. With that in mind, here some things that will help you get the most from your blogging efforts.

1. Get started for free. Yes, it is true that you can start blogging for no cost at all. WordPress and Blogger are just two of the more popular blogging platforms that you can use for free. This is a great way to start learning what blogging is all about. You can select various themes, customize it, and add plug-ins to give your blog added functionality. These are all things you should eventually know how to do. But…

2. Free is an option, but not the best option. You shouldn’t stick with the free option forever, especially if you are going to use you blog to make money. The problem with the no cost option is that you will be hosting your blog on their server. And that means they can close down your blog at any time for any reason. If you follow the rules, they probably won’t, but you should be aware that it can and does happen. You can take your chances if you will just be sharing your blog with family and friends, but it is essential to get your own domain name and hosting if you plan on using it for business purposes.

3. Choosing a topic is important. This bit of blogging advice is the most important for money-making sites. You need to take time researching a topic and finding out about your target audience. Keyword research is the bare minimum you need to do. But the more time you invest up front, the more your potential return will be. Consider every aspect of your blog and how your visitors are likely to respond. This step will be much easier if you are building a personal blog as you can write about almost anything; your thoughts, experiences, rants and raves are all fair game.

4. Post frequently. It’s a safe assumption that you want to start a blog so other people will read it. And if people don’t see new content when they check in, they will eventually stop coming back. Posting once every day or two should keep things fresh enough for most of your visitors. If you post less often than once a week, then you will have a very hard time getting people interested in coming back. So, the best blogging advice for this tip is to post as often as you can, but to not wait too long between posts.

Money Making Opportunities – Pros and Cons

Posted by henrischauffler on September 22, 2017

If you’re looking for some great money making opportunities all you need to do is look around and use your imagination. For example, I know a lady who lives down the street and she has yard sales about every other week to make some extra money.

It really depends on how much extra money you want to make. If you’re just trying to come up with a few hundred extra dollars so you can buy your special someone a great birthday gift, you’ll most likely be able to get that simply by placing a classified ad for some old stuff you don’t use anymore.

If you’re looking for something a little more long term, and more than a few hundred dollars, I strongly suggest that you investigate starting an online business. There are pros and cons associated with this method though:

1. The pros are that you can start an online business with very little money, it’s fairly easy to learn the skills you will need and you can be making money pretty quickly if you apply yourself. There is also virtually no limit to how much you can make online and when your business is big enough (making a lot of money) you can invest in software and outsourcing so you can still make a lot of money without having to work a lot of hours.

2. The cons are that it will take time to put it all together and to learn the knowledge and skills. You will have to be very strong to stick to it even though you’re putting in a lot of work but not making much money. And it can be easy to get distracted online and jump from one thing to another (if you do that you’ll never make any money online).

Still, as far as I’m concerned, it’s still the best thing going. I think for anyone who wants true financial freedom and isn’t just in need of a few hundred dollars, that this is the best and most realistic way to free yourself once and for all from the gerbil wheel.

Most people spend their days (and weeks, months and years) going off to a job that they don’t even like. If you really stop to think about it, that’s pretty depressing. Instead they could be spending that time building something long term. Something that will truly give them the financial and time freedom that many of us always dream of.

One of the best places for you to start when it comes to building an online business is to become an affiliate marketer. This is simply a commission based business where your main job is to get traffic to the website that is selling whatever product you are promoting.

Once you’ve gotten good at it you can add other products and really scale your business. It’s at this point where it really becomes exciting. Let’s say you’re just starting out and you’re making about $500 a month promoting one product. Now that you’ve got the basics down what’s stopping you from promoting 10 products?

If each of those products also make you $500 a month you will be earning $5,000 a month. Not bad. And for the most part, it won’t take a whole lot more effort to promote 10 products than it does to promote 1!

That’s just one of many money making opportunities but it should give you an idea of just what is possible.

Money Making Message Boards – How to Make Money by Posting Online

Posted by henrischauffler on September 21, 2017

Did you know you can make thousands of dollars every month just by posting in message boards? Message boards are an amazing source of traffic for just about any website, including your own. Read on to learn how to setup an affiliate website, choose a program and promote it using money making message boards.

Step #1 – Choose an Affiliate Program

An affiliate program is a program that’ll pay you a certain percentage commission if they make a sale.

For example, if you find an online downloadable product, the commission might be 50%. If you send them a buyer, you’ll get 50% of the income.

The first step in this process is to choose an affiliate program. Find one that pays well and has a good, solid salesletter that you believe will sell.

Step 2 – Create a Domain Level Redirect

That sounds complicated, but it’s actually not.

When you get your affiliate link, it’ll often look something like this:

As you can tell, it looks quite unprofessional and is obviously an affiliate link. Instead, you can buy a domain name and make that domain automatically redirect. For example, you can make it so that whenever someone goes to, they automatically go to your affiliate link.

To do that, first buy a domain name. Then in the control panel of that domain name, find the settings for the domain level redirect. Set your domain to redirect to your affiliate link.

Step 3 – Make Valuable Posts

The next step is to identify at least 3 money making message boards that you can post in. Once you have this list, create accounts in all 3. Write a very short compelling message in your signature file and link it to your affiliate domain.

The secret to success with this system is to make good, informative posts. The idea isn’t to spam forums and try to make money, because you’ll just get kicked off.

The idea is to actually contribute to the online community. If you do and you have a link in your signature file, chances are that people will visit that link and buy from you.

Find topics that you actually know something about and post comments.

Step 4 – Rinse, Repeat, Collect

Give the system at least a week before expecting sales. Make as many posts as you can. A hundred a day is optimal.

After a period of time, you’ll start to see sales trickling in. As you continue to do this, the amount of money you’ll make will increase.

Once you get more comfortable with the system, just rinse and repeat with a different affiliate product, different domain and different message boards.

The amount of money you can make using this system is only limited by the amount of time and effort you’re willing to put into it. Do it right and you can make a lot of money online using this system.

In brief, the system is to find an affiliate link, redirect it, post on forums and repeat until you’re making a decent income. Try it out for yourself and see the results!