Internet Marketing Site – Helpful Tips

Posted by henrischauffler on March 31, 2017

It doesn’t matter if your business is online or off, no matter what type of business you have you will need one thing to make it a success: customers. When talking about an online business those customers are your website visitors, or traffic. To get a steady stream of qualified traffic to your internet marketing site you’ll want to use several different methods to get traffic, some of these methods are free to use and some will take time but the more weapons you have in your marketing arsenal, the more success you will have with your business.

Here is a short breakdown of some of the most common methods as well as the pros and cons of each kind:

1. Article Marketing. This is one of the best ways for someone to get started because it’s totally free to do but it’s very effective. With this method all you do is write an informative article centered around your product or service than submit that article to an article directory online. When writing your article you will use one keyword phrase (pick a phrase that gets at least 1,500 searches a month but that has less than 10,000 competitors) and use that phrase 3 – 5 times throughout the article. Your article should be between 250 – 500 words in length.

The one downside to this method is that it does take time and you will need a lot of articles. One or two won’t do it, think more like 50 or more. You can always find someone else to write the articles for you if the idea of writing that many articles gives you hives.

2. Email marketing. To do this you will need to get an auto-responder. This is a service that will allow visitors to sign up to your newsletter list, they are giving you permission to email them so you aren’t spamming them. You can send them helpful information over a period of time and build a relationship with them.

Then, on occasion, you can send them an email recommending that they buy a certain product or service (a product or service that you’re an affiliate for so when they buy you will receive a commission). As long as most of the emails you send them actually provide them with some quality information and they aren’t all sales pitches, this method works exceptionally well. The only downside is that it does take time to build a list and you already need a steady stream of traffic to your website, this method doesn’t really build your traffic.

3. Search Engine Optimization. This is simply a way to add some keywords to certain areas of your website to make them more ‘search engine friendly’. Again, it relies on you picking out the keywords that people will search for when looking for your product or service. Then you incorporate those keywords in certain parts of your website. It’s not really that hard, but it is something you will need to learn how to do, or hire someone to do it for you. This method works great and it’s free (unless you hire someone) but again, it does tend to take a little time to see the results.

For anyone who is just starting out I highly recommend you stay away from using paid methods such as Pay Per Click (PPC). PPC tends to have a very steep learning curve and you will have to pay as you learn which means a lot of money going out and very little, or none, coming back in. If you want to use PPC wait until the other methods are making money for you than reinvest some of those profits into a PPC campaign.

Getting traffic to your internet marketing site is job one for most internet business owners, use one or more of the tips I’ve given you and you can get a lot of great, quality traffic to your website for free which will really expand your profit margin!

What’s the Internet Marketing Secret?

Posted by henrischauffler on March 30, 2017

With more and more people trying out their hand at internet marketing, and many of these people failing at it, the question of what’s the internet marketing secret comes up over and over again. Why is it that some people are successful and some people can go on for years and never make it work? Yes, many people fail at internet marketing. But the reality is that many more people are also succeeding in it.

The people who do make it work then end up marketing their internet marketing secret. But will it work for you? Not necessarily, even if it’s guaranteed (as most marketers claim their products and services to be). There are many variables that go into how successful you will be in your internet marketing endeavor.

First of all, do you have the drive and belief in yourself? Many successful internet marketers declare that this is really all it takes. Tenacity, dedication, and belief in yourself. When you think about it, they could be right. If this guy is making millions of dollars, why shouldn’t you be able to do it too? It’s very likely that the only thing that got him to that point was to never give up.

Some will object to this and say that they probably had more money to invest in the first place. But this has been proven over and over again not to be the case. Often people get heavily into debt before they start making their first real progress. Or they start small with free methods and very gradually and slowly work their way into becoming more and more profitable. While using free methods can take longer, it does work. You just have to give it more time to start kicking in. If you’re consistent and persistent enough, you will benefit even from these free methods of online marketing.

Another “secret” is being able to leverage off of the experience and knowledge of those who are successful. What better way to break into internet marketing than to be under the tutelage of someone who is a proven success? There are several ways you can do this. You can sign up for some of the free material that they offer, such as videos, e-books, webinars, courses, etc. You can pay a little more for some of their “unpersonalized” methods. Or you can get one-on-one or close to it from these people themselves. This is a great way to see what is really working in today’s internet marketing world. It changes so quickly that if you are new, you could be doing things that worked years ago, but are now outdated.

Finally, do your best to avoid overwhelm. Any internet marketing secret will work for you if you stick with it long enough. Jumping around from one course, e-book, or program to the next will just leave you spinning your wheels in confusion.

Internet Marketing Search Engine Optimization – Job One

Posted by henrischauffler on March 29, 2017

Internet marketing search engine optimization is likely something you’ve heard a lot about, whether you are an experienced internet marketer or a complete beginner.

Getting traffic is job one for all online businesses in order to be successful. Most internet marketers will utilize a variety of methods to drive a lot of highly qualified traffic to their sites.

There are many effective ways to go about doing this, many of them are free. One of the best free methods is by using the search engines and getting your visitors for free. This is done by optimizing your website with the right keywords.

“The right keywords” are those that get a lot of monthly searches, have relatively little competition and are very relevant to the content of your website. Incorporating those keywords into your onsite seo efforts as well as offsite efforts (such as articles) can really grab the attention of the search engines.

There are many factors that search engines consider when determining the proper search returns. Since this complicated, and evolving, algorithm is top secret, many simply guess what the search engines are really looking for.

Since this traffic generation method can be very complicated and convoluted, many people just hire an seo company to take care of it for them.

This might be a good option for you too, if you have the money. There are a lot of companies out there that are fairly reasonably priced and geared more to small and mid sized businesses. You may just find that you can afford it.

If you can’t afford it, you don’t have to miss out on this opportunity to benefit from seo for your website. Some simple things can really help you ramp up your traffic.

You can also benefit from using seo for off site promotion as well. Optimizing your articles with very targeted keywords that can help you drive traffic to your site is an extremely effective method, and you can do it all yourself if you need to.

As you’ve probably figured out by now, the crux of all of this is to have a detailed keyword list. You want to find as many good keywords as possible. Don’t think that this process has to be the arduous process it may seem, there are many software products that can help you build a very long and targeted keyword list with just a few clicks.

There is even a free keyword tool that Google provides that you can use. If you prefer, there are many great keyword tools online that you can purchase that will do more than help you formulate a list. They can let you know how likely anyone searching those keywords is to buy along with a lot of vital data.

Internet marketing search engine optimization can make it possible for you to drive consistent, and highly targeted, traffic to your website for free. Of course, you never get something for nothing so even though you don’t have to pay for this traffic, you do need to hire someone to do it for you or learn to do it yourself. Think of it as sweat equity.

Unbiased Inernet Marketing Reviews Divided into Segments

Posted by henrischauffler on March 28, 2017

It might be pretty hard to find an unbiased internet marketing review out there on the web. Most reviews will be written by people who are selling or promoting the product or service in question.

But if you understand the various internet marketing categories, you can take a further look into each of them yourself, do your own research, and even come up with some unbiased reviews in forums, press releases or articles.

To find an objective internet marketing review, take a look at the following internet marketing categories one by one.

Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing is the method of promoting other people’s products or services for a commission. If you are looking for reviews on this type of marketing, you will mostly find them under “affiliate marketing course reviews”.

Article Marketing: Article marketing is, as the title implies, a way to get traffic to whatever it is that you want to promote by writing articles about the product or service. Series article marketers will write an ariticle and then submit it to an utomated article submission site in order to save time and gain more visibility. The types of reviews you will find in this category will be on article marketing courses and article submission sevices.

Blogging: Blogging is extremely popular these days and one of the easier ways to make money online. There are tons of courses, e-books and other resources (many of them free) on the art of blogging and it is also easy to find some good quality reviews of this topic.

Social Bookmarking: If you want to increase the ranking of your blog, website or article, social bookmarking is one way to do it. This is something that you’ll want to spend a little bit of time learning because there is a right and wrong way to do it. And the wrong way could get you penalized by the search engines.

Google Adwords: Google Adwords definitely requires a little bit of studying before it can be used correctly, and without spending a fortune. There are many courses out there on how to do this and you can find reviews under “Google Adwords Course Reviews” or “Google PPC (Pay Per Click) Reviews”.

List Building: List Building is crucial in network marketing. As you will soon learn, if you haven’t already, the money is in the list. So, obvously, there are many List Building Courses abound on the internet and you can also search for the appropriate reveiws in this category.

Automated Marketing Programs: Now this is something that definitely appeals to the internet marketing newcomer. . .a system that you just plug into (meaning, you pay a monthly fee) and let the system work for you, hopefully brining in more money than you invest in it. Search under automated marketing course reviews for some feedback on some of the many automated systems that are being marketed.

An internet marketing review might not be a completely unbiased description of a product or service but it is a good way to see what is being offered to both experienced and new internet marketers.

How to Use an Internet Marketing Report

Posted by henrischauffler on March 27, 2017

What is an internet marketing report? It could be several things–a newsletter that comes out every so often, a monthly online or offline magazine article, or an under 30-page document. You’ve probably seen a number or these, and most likely used the information you gained from them to your advantage. But creating your own report is a great way to gain customers and to establish presence, visibility and expert status.

The word “report” usually signifies some sort of authority or objective information to most readers. This is one way that it differs from an e-book, which can be subjective with not as much point-by-point information. A report is also shorter, which is often seen as an advantage in the eyes of the reader, as well as in your eyes since you will be putting in the effort to create it. E-books are usually considered to be over 40 pages long. Finally, reports tend to be offered for free, while e-books often come with a price.

So, how do you come up with an internet marketing report? There are several avenues that can lead you to your first report. The important thing to consider is that this report should be free and it should eventually introduce readers to your next product which they will pay for. So, you’re report could be the first chapter in your e-book. Or it could be a summary of just one point that will be covered in your ebook. Or it could be an entirely different sort of take on one aspect of internet marketing. For example, your report could focus on the mental attitude you need to be a successful online marketer. While your next product would focus on the actual tasks that you need to perform in order to be successful.

You can also give away your report in exchange for your reader’s contact details. So, you ask them to fill in their name and email and after they have submitted this information, they can have the report. In this case, you have them on your list and can keep in touch with them in order to promote your next product or some other affiliate products.

Similar to this, you can give your report away as a bonus. If your readers buy something else that you offer, they then get the report for free.

The structure of your report should consist of a cover page, a “Welcome” or “Thank You” page, a Table of Contents, the various topics or chapters, and then a conclusion and another thank you. Make sure that you also include all of your contact information and pictures to break it up a little bit. You will want to save your report as a PDF file.

These are just a few of the many different ways in which an internet marketing report can be used.

Internet Marketing Products – Don’t Be A Professional Buyer

Posted by henrischauffler on March 26, 2017

I couldn’t even begin to guess how many internet marketing products are available online these days, lets just say ‘a lot’. If you really want to succeed at your online business do yourself a favor and don’t become a professional ‘buyer’ buying one great product after another and never actually doing anything. If you want to succeed online, find a course or product that will teach you the basics, provide you with a solid foundation on which to build your business and then just…build.

You see so many people get analysis paralysis. They think that they have to know how to do everything before they can even start. No. That’s the totally wrong approach for two main reasons.

For one thing, it’ll cost you a fortune if you keep buying one course on SEO and another on PPC, instead concentrate on the basics, enough to actually start making money online, than you can learn more as you go.

Another reason why the perpetual online student will never succeed if they insist on knowing everything before they start, is they’ll never start. Things change quickly online, you’ll never know it all and even if you could there will be something new tomorrow. Better to get the foundations in place: how to get a lot of targeted traffic to your website, and learn other things from that point on.

No matter what you do online, whether you’re an affiliate marketer or you’re selling your own product the one universal thing that you will need is website traffic. And not just any traffic either, targeted traffic (targeted means that the people who come to your website are actually interested in the products or services you are selling and might actually buy something).

Your very first task online should be to learn how to get all the targeted traffic you need to your website in the quickest and least expensive method possible. For that reason I would discourage anyone who is just starting out with using PPC. There is a steep learning curve and you will pay out a lot of money while you’re learning with little or no money coming back in. If you feel that you have to us PPC, wait until you’re actually making money and you can plow some of your profits back into your business.

It’s far too easy, and costly, to be enticed by all the great promises you’ll hear online. And it’s true, there are a lot of people who make more in a month online than most people make in a year, and it’s true that you can do that too, but, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to build up to that point. It will take time but if you keep jumping from one product to another you won’t get any where fast.

If you want a successful online business you have to be willing to spend some time and money to learn, and use, the skills you need. You will want to invest in a few carefully chosen internet marketing products, just make sure that you are looking for an education and not just a way to avoid any work.

Internet Marketing Online Advertsing Falacies

Posted by henrischauffler on March 25, 2017

Internet marketing online advertising is becoming more and more popular in the new internet economy. And there’s more marketing hype published on the Internet in one day than most people can even imagine in their whole lifetime. But who is doing it right and who isn’t? Here are some important things to understand when it comes to internet marketing. Here are three Internet marketing myths that you may be adhering to that may be hurting your business.

It all starts with a great web site. Although a “great” website is necessary later on, it all starts with a well-defined service and a very well defined target market. Unless you have these two elements crystal-clear in your mind, the very best website is not going to get you any customers. Before you even think about building a web site, you should know who your target market is, how to convey to them that you offer what they need, and what specific benefits your products/services provide for your clients.
Then, every type of marketing you do, including your website, will be based on what you have defined above. When it comes to the website, it’s important to keep in mind that the content is much more important than the design. Yes, a professional-looking site is important, but impressive design and graphics won’t pay off anywhere near as well as a clear explanation of why a client should buy from you. Make good use of materials such as articles, assessments, testimonial and other samples of your expertise.

The next mistaken belief in internet marketing online advertising is that more traffic means more profits. It’s all about conversions. If you’re getting lots of people to your site, that’s great! But are they buying from you as well? If not, then something needs to be done.
Don’t be shy about askimg your colleagues and current clients to critique your site. Are they able to understand what you are offering right away? Can they see the exact benefits or your products/services (versus your competitors)? Revise your site based on their feedback. You may have to repeat this process several times to get it right.

The next misunderstood concept is the “Do whatever it takes to build your list” one.
While there’s no doubt that a substantial opt-in mailing list is a valuable marketing asset, the quality of names on your list is much more important than the quantity. Activities such as obtaining names through giveaways of other people’s material or buying them from a vendor rarely provides qualified buyers truly interested in your services.
What you absolutely do want to do is ask your site visitors and people you meet to join your mailing list and offer them something of value in return like a value-packed ezine or helpful report. The leads you get from this method will be quality and qualified.

Your Internet marketing online advertising must offer the same professionalism and quality of your products/services.

Internet Marketing Links – Backlinks To The Top

Posted by henrischauffler on March 24, 2017

One of the most important things you will need to do when you build up your internet business is to get a lot of highly qualified traffic to your website, in order to do that you want a high search engine ranking so you can get traffic for free. Using internet marketing links is one way to help increase your page rank to help you get more traffic.

The search engines have many things they look for when it comes to determining your rank. The bottom line is that they want to see a site that offers a lot of quality to the website visitors. Anyone who does searches online is basically a customer of the search engines so the search engines want to keep all their customers happy and that reflects in the rankings they’ll give a certain site. So if you want a high search engine ranking you have to have a good website that will provide visitors a lot of helpful information and the search engines will reward you by giving you a high rank.

The number of links you have coming to your site is one of the factors that the search engines will take into consideration when it comes to rank. If they see that your site has a lot of links from other sites online they will consider that almost like an ‘endorsement’ for your site. They will view it as a sign that your site is ‘legitimate’ and worthwhile and they will assume that you can offer their customers a good experience, for that they’ll reward you by giving you a high rank in the search engines results.

The amount of ‘power’ any given link will give you will vary depending on the rank that that site has. For example, a high ranking site that links to your site will give you a huge benefit in the rankings. If on the other hand, the site linking into yours doesn’t have a high rank or a lot of traffic or inbound links of it’s own, the impact on your site will be much less.

Building links is actually pretty easy to do, there are several ways to go about it. For one thing, when you place an article in an article directory that has a high rank, they will link back to your site and give you a nice inbound link.

You can also contact another website owner and see if they’d like to exchange links. You will place a link to their website on your website, and they will place a link to your website on their website. This works well if you both have similar, not competing, websites and each have a decent amount of traffic.

Internet marketing links is one of several ways you can increase the amount of traffic to your website and it will not cost you a penny. By improving the ‘desirability’ of your website you are making the search engines want to reward you by giving your site a high rank. This will provide you with a ton of free traffic and that is the one thing you will need to make a lot of money online.

Internet Marketing Experts – Or, How to Choose a Guru

Posted by henrischauffler on March 23, 2017

Which internet marketing experts should you turn to? These people, who have been tagged as “gurus” by some, have more experience in the IM world than others. But, it seems like there’s a new “guru” on the block every day. So who should you trust? Here’s a check list on how to evaluate internet marketing experts.

1. Have they actually made money doing the things they are advising you to do? Ironically, many internet marketing “experts” are most expert at promoting themselves. They’ll tell you, for instance, to stay out of the “internet marketing” niche because the “experts” have it cornered. Instead, they’ll say to go into less competitive niches. But, if you press them, they will have to admit that they’ve never been in any other niche themselves.

2. Are they transparent? The “gurus” that I like best are the ones who will show you what niches are actually making them money. They’re not afraid they’ll lose their precious “position” to someone less experienced than they are. This transparency allows you to evaluate them wisely.

3. Do they give you a step by step plan? The internet marketing experts who are best at teaching newbie and internet marketers are those who can provide detailed, step by step plans for success.

4. Do you trust that they have done what they say? It’s really easy to say they made “a million dollars” from a system when you are on the internet. You don’t even have to keep a straight face. You can also photoshop paypal and clickbank screenshots to “show” that you have made a lot more money than you really have. So, when finding a guru to follow, you should have a gut feeling that they have done what they’ve said they’ve done.

5. Is their plan something you feel you can do? There are many kinds of internet marketing experts. Some recommend setting up a network of blogs and doing a ton of writing. Others use pay per click marketing in their strategies. Some urge you to go offline and contact business owners to build websites for them. All of these strategies can work. The trick is to find a guru who can teach you the strategies you are most comfortable with yourself.

6. Do they say you can do it with “no work.” Let’s face it, there’s very little in life that you can achieve with no work. Every once in a while, someone hits a jackpot – whether it is in Las Vegas or online. But, for the most part, making money of any kind requires work. If you see a guru promising a “no work” system, run away fast.

7. Is it ethical? There are a number of ways you can make money on the internet that some can live with and others find downright unethical. Make sure you are able to live with yourself in the morning before you start any internet marketing scheme.

There are many people claiming to be internet marketing “experts.” Choose wisely before selecting a “guru” to follow.

Internet Marketing Consulting – Shortcut to Success

Posted by henrischauffler on March 22, 2017

If you have an online business, or even if you’re just considering starting one, using the services of an internet marketing consulting firm can help you boost your business from a small, struggling enterprise to a full fledged money making machine. Using the services of a consultant can help you figure out what things you can improve on so you can improve on your online income.

When using a qualified consulting service it’s not uncommon to see an increase of as much as 400% in the amount, and quality, of website visitors you get. That is the lifeblood of any online website, traffic. Getting a solid stream of highly targeted website traffic will be the difference between your business being a smashing success or being out of business.

That is step one for many consultants, helping you increase your traffic flow. There are many simple things that can be done, many for free, that can help you get a higher rank in the search engines and that relates directly to the number of visitors you get to your site. Once there, though, you want to make sure a lot of them will actually buy your product or service.

Another benefit of a consultant is that they can help you create a compelling sales page. This will help improve your conversion rate, the number of people who actually do what you want them to do. Sometimes you might want your website visitors to make a purchase other times your main focus may just to be to get them to sign up to a mailing list. Whatever you want from them will be the thing you want to improve the conversion rate on.

And it doesn’t matter what product or service you are selling, consultants can help any type of online business. Again, no matter what you’re selling it’s all about getting as many visitors as you can and turning as many of those visitors into paying, and ongoing, customers.

One of the wonderful aspects of an internet business is that with the high level of automation you can use, you can have a marketing machine working for you all day, and night, everyday. It can literally work mostly on autopilot once it’s set up properly, which is what a consultant can help you do.

Of course, even if you’ve already got your site set up, it’s never too late to get some help to optimize it so you can get more visitors and more conversions.

Before you hire someone to help you grow your business, make sure they are fully qualified to do so. Check their credentials as well as references. Find out how they want to be paid and what types of guarantees, if any, they offer. At the end of the day, you have to be responsible for making sure that anyone you hire is qualified.

The internet offers amazing opportunities for anyone who is willing to reach out and grab them, but that doesn’t mean that you can do it all yourself. Take full advantage of all the help you can get with your online business whether it’s in the form of automation, or if it comes in the form of internet marketing consulting services.