How To Get Backlinks Without Asking – Quickly

Posted by henrischauffler on November 30, 2016

To promote your website and get it ranking higher you need to build backlinks to your website. However, this can be a long and tedious task and surely there must be a better way to get links that asking for them.

Normally with link building you find other websites within your niche, review the site to see if it is one that you want linking to your site and then contact the site owner. You ask them if you can exchange links so that you can have a link on their site pointing back to yours.

There are other ways to build links than to offer link exchanges and it is actually much easier to build backlinks and increase your sites popularity without sending out requests.

Here is a system to build backlinks to your site.

1. Join a forum within your niche and actively participate in the forum. There are two ways that you can use a forum membership. Firstly you build up a relationship with others in the forum and if the members of the forum have websites they may decide that they want to add a link to your site on their website, particularly if your website is good quality. The other way to use a forum is to include a link in your signature so each time that you make a post on the forum you are getting a new backlink.

2. Have a statement on your website that you need backlinks. Have a contact form where people can leave their details if they want to do a link exchange with you. This way you are not researching and finding people to exchange links with but they will find you through your website.

3. Publish a regular newsletter and within the newsletter have a statement like: “If you enjoy our newsletter then please include a link to our website on your site so other can enjoy it too”. Remember to include the link to your site for them to use. You can also use your newsletter to advertise for link exchanges.

4. Do some article marketing. With article marketing you write articles relating to your niche and submit those articles to article directories. Each time you submit an article you include a link to your site so you gain new backlinks with each article submission. You will find that sometimes other websites will publish your article on their site including the link to your site giving you even more backlinks.

5. Have a good quality site that has good and informative content. If you have good quality content on your site you will be favored by the search engines and people will find your site. When people find your site they will see your message about link exchanges.

6. Submit your site to award sites and you will be amazed at the response you get, especially when your site has excellent quality content.

How To Find The Right Company To Build Your SEO

Posted by henrischauffler on November 29, 2016

Creating a SEO Website is a very difficult and time consuming task. A task some people do not wish to take on themselves and as a result look to other companies to build one for them. Getting a company you can trust to do a great job is very important. They must be well versed in SEO as well as other aspects.

1. Does the company offer a 100% SEO Ranking?
-Let’s face it if any company offers a 100% ranking they are most likely one to avoid. Most companies do not guarantee 100% ranking because it is almost impossible. While they are building your SEO site, another competitor is building theirs, so there is never a 100% guarantee. When a company offers this look elsewhere.

2. Check with family, friends and coworkers
-Ask them for a recommendation on whom they might choose. Maybe they have had an SEO website built recently. If so they will be able to tell you the best companies with the best results.

3. Check the company name on the internet
-See if they have positive reviews in building SEO sites. See if other customers would recommend their services. If so you may want to consider going with that company. Another great place to check a company’s reputation is through the Better Business Bureau they will have the most accurate information on the company.

4. Ask for examples
-If the company is serious about getting your business they will provide you with samples of other SEO sites they have created for other clients. Look at these closely. Ask the business what the SEO results are on each of these sites. This is one of the most important steps in choosing a company to build your own SEO site.

5. Ask them what they use for keyword ranks
-Once you have this you can do a search on the internet. If they do not have a high ranking due to their word choice chances are they are not a company you want building your SEO site.

6. Ask them if they provide subscription service
-Do they offer a maintenance package on your website? This is so they can update your site regularly to keep it up at the top of the ranks. If they do not offer this it is a signal to not do business with them.

7. What is the cost?
-Although getting a company to build your SEO site can be expensive the less is more technique applies. Even though they may offer a high price for quality does not mean that they will do a proper job on your SEO site. Research around on various prices and reputations before you go with the more expensive business.

SUBJECT: [FIRSTNAME], People Promote For You?

Posted by henrischauffler on November 28, 2016


Have you recently created an e-book? If so, do you plan on

selling that e-book? If you are interested in profiting from

your latest creation, you can do so, but you may need a little

bit of assistance. To make money, you need to rely on internet

sales. The only problem is that to have internet sales, your

product needs to be seen and known about. Unfortunately, there

are many e-book authors who believe that this is too hard of a

task. While it may be difficult at times, there are a number of

easy ways that you can go about having your e-book successfully


Before examining how you can promote your e-book, it is first

important to touch on the ever so popular question, “why?” When

selling a product, including an e-book, this is a question that

shouldn’t even be asked, but it still is. Promotion is

important when it comes to selling an e-book or even any other

product for that matter. If you do not advertise or promote

your product, consumers will not even know that it exists.

Something can’t be purchased if no one knows that it is

available for sale. Promotion is also important because, if

properly implemented, it gets people talking; it creates a


One of the easiest ways that you can go about finding people to

help you promote your e-book is by using the internet. After

all, that is where your e-book will be sold. One of the

approaches that you can take is by visiting online message

boards or forums. There are a large number of internet users who

are also looking for help, when it comes to selling a product or

a service. You could do a link exchange. A link exchange is

when two individuals agree to help each other promote their

products. For obvious reasons though, you will want to make

sure that you do not help to promote a product that could be

considered your competition.

Speaking of online message boards and forums, you can do your

own promoting when searching for someone to help you. A large

number of message boards and forums allow members to create a

signature. Many posters use a signature to display their

favorite quotes or song lyrics, but most use it to promote their

business or products; you can also do the same. For instance,

if you are selling an e-book on pet care, you can have a catchy

signature line and a link to your e-book sales pages. This

concept works great, especially if you are on a forum that is

related to the topic of your e-book, like a pet lover’s forum.

You may also be able to find other posters who are willing to

promote your e-book in their signature lines too.

In conjunction with using online message boards or forums to

find people who are willing to promote your product, you can

also use standard internet searches. You will want to search

for websites that are, in one way or another, related to the

content of your website. A large number of webmaster may do a

link exchange, but others may want you to pay a small amount of

money for an advertising slot. Even if you must pay for

advertising, it will likely be worth it, especially if you find

a popular, high traffic website.

As an act of kindness, you may want to provide other internet

users with incentives for helping you promote your e-book,

especially if you are looking to have this help without paying

for it. A popular incentive, as mentioned above, is a link

exchange. In addition to a link exchange, you may even want to

give your promotional assistants a free copy of your e-book. In

fact, you may even be asked for a free copy. This is actually

quite common as many individuals want to know exactly what they

are helping to promote.

To your success,


P.S. Promoting your e-book is the best way to profit from it.

With a little bit of research and hard work, you should be able

to find a large number of individuals who would be willing to

help you, many free of charge.

How To Design Your Web Page For Link Popularity

Posted by henrischauffler on November 27, 2016

Link building is one the newest and most popular advertising available on the internet today. It is also one of the most popular ways for search engines to rank websites. In knowing this you now know that when you are developing your website there is core factors that you need to pay careful consideration to.

The first critical point of creating your website for link popularity is the design. When you receive a request for you to host someone else’s link or making a link for a link exchange you need to be sure to check over the website thoroughly. Most generally the first things that you should take a look at would be the layout of the site as well as the theme of the site. If you find sites that have a general theme or topics that are in close relation to yours should definitely be put into consideration for making them a link partner. This is a great way to gain targeted traffic to your site.

One thing to remember is if you looked at someone else’s you can surely bet that they will take a look at yours. To avoid being turned down for poor content you need to make sure your site looks good. You need to make sure your theme and layout relate to the content of your site in detail. Make sure that you do not go overboard in doing this.

The next thing you need to do is be sure to check the links and the resource section. If the site that you are looking at has these things are they easily accessible and easy to find? Are their rules of linking easy to read and follow? Do they accept links from other sites in their topic field or do they pick and choose only certain ones? When you become a part of a sites link program it can become very beneficial to you and your site.

Just like with the theme discussed above the same goes for your links. If you were a visitor to your site would you be able to find your links easily? Is it easy for someone to navigate their way around the site? Do you have too many graphics which can take the attention away from the links? Is it pleasing to the human eye? Does your information seem to you to be organized in a manner that looks appealing and is easy to read? You will want to also have somewhere on your site a short note whether or not you will exchange links. It is a good practice to except link exchanges as it will increase your traffic popularity. You need to also put in the short note what types of links you are willing to accept on your site. These sites should relate to your content.

Your source code is also a very important step in your web design. The source code is what the search engines read and if you do not do this correctly you will not succeed in your business. There are certain components that are crucial to your source code which include the following. Does your website contain any frames? Do you have headers, titles, as well as Meta tags? Does your use of keywords seem to be relevant where placed as well as optimized enough to be noticed by the web crawlers? These are all very important components to your source code portion of your site.

The next important step in designing your site would be the content of the site. The information you place on your site is just as important as the design. Sites that have high link popularity and the more popular sites in the search engines have valuable information and resources that is important to the reader. Whatever the topic is in your website be sure that you have relevant and valuable information for your reader to read. They will stay and read and keep coming back when you do this.

When you take time to create a great web design with valuable content you will gain link popularity. This link popularity will get you noticed by the search engines and your traffic will explode as a result.

How to Create a Blog

Posted by henrischauffler on November 26, 2016

There are many guides out there on how to create blog, but it is an easy task when you get right down to it. After all, what you really need to do is to get started. After all, writing is no longer a crapshoot when it comes to making money – the internet has given writers and authors a place where they can make as much money as they want. And a writer, given that their work is basically a vocation, needs to take advantage of every opportunity that they can.

Now, the first step to learning how to create blog is to know what you’re going to talk about. To the more academic out there, that basically means having a topic sentence or a thesis statement. This is the heart and soul of your blog – deviations can occur, the way they can occasionally occur in a forum, but there is generally a theme or heart to it. The heart of your blog should be entirely up to you – pick something that you have a great and vested interest in. After all, you’ll probably be writing at least three entries a week. It doesn’t seem like a lot but it can easily take a toll on a lot of people.

After picking your topic, the next step is learn how to create blog and open it up – this shouldn’t be too difficult. After all, there a number of ways, almost all of them possessing a free option or are completely free to begin with, to get a blog. A simple look into a search engine can give you options such as Blogspot, or Myspace, which doubles as a social networking site. A better option would be to purchase some webspace of your own. It isn’t too expensive and there, you can create your own url, giving it a very personal and possibly more recognizable touch, although that is more for people who want to earn some money while blogging.

After that, the next step is of course, to make it prettier. There’s more to blogging than just learning how to create blog, you should also make it presentable. Many sites offer glorious depth when it comes to customization. Color, window size, font – all of it is at your command. Some sites might require you to know a little HTML, others will do it all for you. If it’s just for personal use, then, just make it the way you want it to look. If you’re looking to make money off the internet, then it should look just a little more professional than you’d normally have it. After all, you want those sites and advertisers to believe that you’ll actually get traffic – making a dump of a website is a great way to turn those people off.

With each passing day, the internet becomes more and more a part of a person’s daily routine. There are probably some people out there who just cannot function without it, or at least, cannot imagine a world without this globalizing force. Now, get out there and use the tips in this how to create blog to make one of your very own.

How to Create A Great SEO Website

Posted by henrischauffler on November 25, 2016

Creating your first website is just one of the many tasks that lie ahead of you when you are starting a business online. If you have already made a website, you may have discovered that there is something even more important than having a website, and that is having people seeing that site. One of the main ways people do this is by using search engine optimization, or SEO.

SEO is simply ‘optimizing’ your site in a way that search engines will prefer, which will help your site to rank higher. As your site ranks higher, the odds go up that somebody will see your site’s listing when performing a search. While the process can be difficult to perfect, the good news is that it’s easy enough to get started and see some results relatively quickly. With that in mind, here a few tips to help make your website rank higher.

1. Research your keywords. A lot of people get hung up on this step and worry too much about whether or not they have chosen the right keywords. That anxiety is understandable, as the right keywords are vital to a decent ranking. However, doing any SEO is better than just hoping for the best. So, what’s the answer? It is to research your keywords before optimizing your pages around them. You can use free or paid keyword tools to get an idea of how many searches are conducted for each keyword. The other thing you can do is to conduct a search yourself using your target keywords and then visit the top sites. Once on those sites you can see what keywords they are using, and how they are using them.

2. Make a plan. Before you put up your website, you need to have a plan of how all of the pages will fit together. Will you have a separate page for each keyword? How will the pages be linked together? What about a site map? Those are just a few things you should know. The benefits of good planning are twofold. First, it will help with SEO. Second, your site will be better organized for your visitors.

3. Relevancy rules! SEO works because search engines are looking to do one thing; deliver relevant results to the people conducting searches. Therefore, they are happy to rank sites higher that deliver the relevance that their users are looking for. That means your keywords need to fit the topic of your site, and your tags, description and title should also be relevant. Another thing to consider is that while you can manipulate some things, relevance is something that can’t be faked or artificially inflated.

4. Have fun. Okay, this doesn’t have a lot to do with SEO, but it is worth mentioning. Once you start doing a little SEO, it’s easy to get obsessed with it, but avoid that temptation. Now, I’m not suggesting you shouldn’t do anything, either; just strive to keep a healthy balance. If you find you want more SEO done, but don’t have the time to do as much as you like, you may wish to outsource it or automate the process.

How To Choose Keywords – That Make Money For You

Posted by henrischauffler on November 23, 2016

Traffic. That is the most important thing you will need if you want to make money online. It can not just be any traffic, never has the idea of quality over quantity been more important than it is when you learn how to choose keywords.

The keywords you choose will determine how much traffic you get, how much it will cost you (if anything) and what quality level the traffic you get is. Again, never let the numbers make you go crazy. You need to only get visitors to your website who are interested in what you have to offer.

Ideally, the traffic you get will consist of people who are actively looking for the information, or the product and service you are offering. It’s all about you finding the visitors who will take the action you want them to take.

That action could be to make a purchase or to sign up to a newsletter. As long as the visitors you are getting are highly targeted, you will make more conversions and more sales, period. And that is what every one has an online business for.

If you don’t have much money, don’t worry, there are many fantastic keyword tools online and one of the best won’t cost you a penny. The Google Keyword Tool is available to anyone online. Since Google is one of the biggest search engines, it would only stand to reason that they know which search terms are getting the searches and which ones are not.

This is an important point to keep in mind though (it is also a common beginner mistake) when it comes to finding good keywords, bigger is not always better.

At first glance it might seem like a good idea to use only those 1 or 2 word keywords that get the most searches. The problem with those keywords is that they will also have the most competition. Unless you are really experienced you will not rank high for those competitive keywords and they will not do you any good.

Instead, focus on the longer keyword phrases that may not get quite as many searches per month but also don’t have nearly as much competition. Those are the keywords you should target. If you can compile a list of a dozen or so of those keywords you will have a good chance of ranking well.

You can rank well for all of them, not just one or two. So if you figure that each keyword gets an average of 1,500 searches a month and you can rank on the first page for those keywords, that is a lot of free very targeted traffic.

Keywords, and the traffic they produce, are the backbone of your business online. It’s very important that you take the time to learn how to choose keywords. There are several parameters that you need to keep in mind and some of those parameters may change a little depending on what you are doing with those keywords (SEO, PPC, article marketing, etc.).

How to Choose a Winning Clickbank Product To Promote

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When choosing a Clickbank product to promote as an affiliate you want to choose one that will convert well and make you a lot of sales. It is advisable to have a good solid criteria to follow when selecting a product to promote to increase your chances of choosing a profitable product. Some of the factors you want to consider are gravity score, competition, the sales copy, commission payout, product price and repeat commissions. Let’s take a look at each of these in more detail:

Gravity Score

When first starting out it is best to stick to products with a gravity score between 20 and 50. These will be products that are converting and do have affiliates actively promoting them, but at the same time aren’t saturated with competition.

When you become a little more experienced with affiliate marketing, then start promoting products with a gravity score of over 50. There will be a little more competition, but with more affiliate promoting these products they are likely to be better converting products.

Don’t promote anything with a gravity score below 20 as these are not likely to convert well.


You should look at how much competition there is for promoting a particular product. You don’t want too much competition but at the same time you don’t want zero competition.

If you look at the Pay Per Click ads on Google and see there are no ads for that product then chances are that people have tried to promote that product without success. If there are PPC ads for that product then those people must be seeing some success to continue to pay for advertising.

So zero competition usually means there is no demand for that product. So even though you don’t want too much competition, you do want some competition.

Sales Copy

The gravity score is not the only way to evaluate whether a product will convert well. In fact, gravity scores can’t always be relied on as some vendors will boost their gravity score by selling their product through a number of their own Clickbank accounts.

It is always advisable to check out the sales page of the product you are considering promoting so you can decide whether you think it would convert well. Generally, if you read the sales page and it makes you want to buy the product yourself, then it will be a good sales page. If a sales page does nothing for you and you have no interest in the product at all after reading it, then it might not be a very good converting sales page.

Commission Payout and Product Price

When choosing a product to promote you want to look at the price of the product and how much of that you will receive in commission. If a product pays out only a small commission then it might not be worth promoting. You don’t want to put in a lot of effort for very little return.

Higher priced products will pay out a higher commission and are often just as easy to sell as lower priced products. If a product has a good gravity score then it might be worth trying to promote it. It is better to promote a higher priced product that pays out well than promoting a lower priced product that pays out less than $20 per sale.

Repeat Commissions

Another factor that makes a product good to promote is if it has the opportunity for repeat commissions. This might occur with a product that has a membership site where a customer will pay a monthly membership fee and you can earn a commission every month on that membership fee. It doesn’t take any extra effort to promote a membership product than it does to promote a one time payment product so you might as well go for one that will pay you commission every month.


When looking for a good Clickbank affiliate product to promote, take into consideration a gravity between 20 and 50, not too much competition but still a little, high commission payout, a good sales copy and if possible a repeat monthly commission. If you can get a product that matches this criteria then you will have a very good product to promote and earn affiliate commissions.

How to Choose a Winning Clickbank Affiliate Program

Posted by henrischauffler on November 22, 2016

Do you know how to choose a winning Clickbank affiliate program? If you’re going to be promoting a product, it’s very useful to have good solid criteria you can use to determine if the program is going to be profitable for you. Some of the key things you should look at are Gravity score, competition, the salesletter, the payout and the price. Keep reading to learn about what exactly you should look for in each area.

Gravity Score

For beginners, it’s best to promote products in the 20 to 50 gravity range. These are products that have been proven to be successful sellers, but don’t have an overwhelming amount of competition. These are the products you want to shoot for.

Once you’re more experienced, you can aim at the 50+ gravity range. At no point in time should you aim below 20, because most of those products just won’t make you money.

Evaluate the Salesletter

Even if the product has a good gravity, that doesn’t mean it’ll sell for you. Sometimes Gravity scores are elevated by vendors artificially boosting the score by selling their own products through affiliate accounts.

Take a look at the salesletter and decide for yourself whether or not you think the product will sell.

Payout and Price

How much does the product cost and what does it pay out? As an affiliate, you should look for products that pay out at least $20 per sale. Anything below that amount generally isn’t worth your time.

Believe it or not, it’s as easy to sell a high ticket item as it is to sell a low ticket item. There are products on Clickbank that go for $97 – $197. If you can find a product that you believe you can promote and has a gravity of over 20, it’s generally a better idea to promote that product than it is to promote a $40 product.


In addition to payout and price, one other thing you can look for is continuity. Continuity is basically a month by month membership program that will pay you commission every single month.

Again, it takes about as much effort to sell a product without continuity as it does to sell one with continuity. Except with continuity, you keep getting paid.


Is there competition that’s doing what you’re doing? Believe it or not, you actually want some competition in your area. That usually means other people are making money doing what you’re considering doing.

For example, if you plan on advertising a hypnosis product on AdWords, you want to see other advertisers selling hypnosis eBooks on AdWords. If there are no competitors, then chances are someone’s tried it before and it didn’t work.

That said, you don’t want to go into an over saturated niche either. Too many competitors are almost as bad as no competitors.

To Sum it Up

To sum it up, you’re looking for a medium gravity, high payout product with a good salesletter and some competition. If you can match up all these factors, then you’ve got a very good product to start selling for money.

How To Choose a Home Business Computer Opportunity

Posted by henrischauffler on November 21, 2016

Whether technology like computers is your forte or not, it is a means to make money if you have some skills to offer in specific areas. Some people are great at marketing, or at building web sites, so they sell online design and SEO services. Others are handymen, great with a toolkit and can build houses, perform expert carpentry tasks and so could setup an online business that sells their own style of furniture or offer an interior design service.

There are two paths towards a home business computer opportunity – a home based job, or a home based business.

If you wish to work from home, in your own business, you will need to establish your skill strengths. No need to know how to create a web site as there are plenty of hosts such as Hostgator that will provide tools that can enable you to set up a site in minutes. All you need to do is draft a business plan, whom will you sell to, how will your reach them and what’s the competition? Do you have an edge on the market? Can you offer something that is missing with your competitors?

So these are the first steps towards your home business computer opportunity:
1. Since you will be operating from your computer, are you updated with the use of word processors, spreadsheets and email? I suspect you are already, though if not, and you don’t have Microsoft Office then download the set of tools. It’s also a professional choice.
2. This is a home based computer opportunity and not just an office based business, you will be operating from your PC or Mac. Ensure it is reliable, been checked for spyware, and has an anti-virus program running. Don’t struggle with an old pc that is problematic, invest in a new one – you are investing in your business.
3. It is a common question in blogs – what is the most successful business idea? The business of working online is a changing one and it is best to focus on long term plans rather than making a fast buck. A home business computer opportunity starting from home has a great chance of success due to its low start up costs.

There are plenty of home-based jobs available particularly in the freelance sector. If you have specific skills, this is a great place to find work. Sites that can help you move along are craigslist,, and It may be a good start if you need capital and more flexible time to seek out work while your business is building. Be prepared to diversify right away if you don’t have a specialized skill. One of the most popular choices initially is freelance writing. Many use their writing skills to increase their business exposure writing press releases, and articles containing sales copy to promote their products or services.

Common home based businesses include affiliate marketing programs, freelance writing services, design and programming, franchisee options selling products and being a reseller. Choose one that suits your long term interests carefully, this is a life changing decision and needs careful thought. Do this and you will reap the rewards. Good luck!