Discover How You Generate Web Traffic

Posted by henrischauffler on August 31, 2016

There are many ways to generate web traffic. In fact, there are so many ways, that it’s easy for beginning internet marketers to get overwhelmed. Simply by the prospect of everything they need to do in order to increase visitors to their sites.

The first and foremost aspect of getting more traffic to your site involves SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization. This should actually be considered before you build your site because a little research needs to be done in order to do it correctly.

What do you need to research? Hopefully you’ve already researched your target market at least a little bit so that you can understand what they are looking for and how you can provide it. There are various ways to do that type of research. When it comes to your website, though, you need to research the keywords or terms that your target market is typing into their search engines as they are seeking solutions.

Luckily, this type of research is very simple to do, and it’s free. You can go to the Google Adwords Keyword Tool and type in general terms that are related to your target market. Google will then provide you with the exact search terms that people are typing into their search engines. The data includes how often each term is searched for, how much competition you will have for that search term (how many other marketers are using it in their marketing efforts), and how much people are bidding on that term (a general indicator of how profitable it is) in their online advertising.

You will identify several keywords and use them in your website’s content. The steps to do this go beyond the scope of this article but you can find many resources that will help you use your keywords the right way, or you can hire someone to handle this for you. The other part of SEO, and the most important part, involves backlinks (also known as incoming links).

If you want to generate web traffic, you must have backlinks to your site. These are links which originate from other sites and point to yours. The reason that they are so important is because Google, Yahoo, Bing, and all the other search engines use them as a benchmark to judge your site. If you have many, good-quality backlinks, the search engines will give you a higher ranking in the search results. This means that if someone types in a keyword that you are using in your website, you will appear before other sites who do not have enough backlinks. And then you will get more visitors to your site.

The whole SEO process is more complex than what is covered above, however this is the simplified explanation. And this is a step that you should thinking about even before your website is up and running. Start with proper SEO to generate web traffic and then you can move on to other methods.

Gain A Following For Your Business With Social Media Marketing

Posted by henrischauffler on August 30, 2016

Social media marketing is essential if you plan to make money with an online website. This is an excellent way to become well-known online, include established customers in your activities and draw new customers to you.

Give offers that are exclusive to your followers on social media. Add in something that no one else is offering to get people to want to like your page. Try doing a contest on your social media page. You could also try offering an exclusive offer or item for your fans instead. Another thing to try is to make announcements about your business directly on your social sites. Make them exclusive to social followers.

Before developing a specific social media marketing strategy, figure out which social networking site you want to use. Each social networking site works differently, so it is important that your strategy will work with the site you pick. For instance, on Facebook you can create a poll, unlike most sites.

Try to test and experiment with new and different social media marketing techniques and opportunities. There are literally thousands of different ideas to increasing your social media presence and boosting your marketing online. If you get stuck in one simple strategy, you may be missing out on a new technique that could significantly help your business.

In your social media marketing, give prizes to your milestone likers or followers. Give away gift certificates or interesting things related to your product to your hundredth, thousandth and millionth followers. Not only will this encourage people to subscribe to your content, the winner will rave for a lifetime about how great your particular widget is.

To have the best mode of contact on social networking websites, you must be able to talk to your customers on a person to person basis. Let them know their input matters to you. When consumers recognize that they are conversing with someone who cares about them, they are more apt to trust the company.

Try to use several websites when engaging in social media marketing. You want to use multiple sites to increase your readership and help expand your business across the Internet market. Also, you may find different tools and apps, different followers, etc, by using different channels.

When you set up your Twitter account, use a background that is suitable to your business. This may take a few extra minutes but, it will give your customers a sense of who you are. Remember that it is the attention to detail that sets apart the most successful in life.

When deciding how to implement your social media marketing strategies, it is important to take into consideration the nature of your products and services. For example, if purchasing your products is something that most of your customers would prefer to keep private, then do not put Facebook-like buttons right next to the buy buttons! Eventually, someone will click it accidentally and then get angry at your business.

Keep your Facebook posts regular and consistent. People will look for new content from you when they check in on their Facebook page. If they don’t see it regularly, they’re likely to forget about you quickly. There are many businesses out there who do post regularly and those businesses are getting the attention of consumers. Make your business one of them.

Be interactive on your Facebook page. If all you ever do is post, post, and post some more, then people will get tired of you quickly. If you ask interesting questions, engage consumers in conversation, and respond to their posts, then your posts will become more appealing every time.

By using social media to market your site and business, you will slowly but surely see more customers. If your business and marketing is solid, customers will come back to you and recommend your business to their friends.

Gaining the Edge in Niche Marketing

Posted by henrischauffler on August 29, 2016

It is easy to find a niche that can bring internet marketing success if you know where to look. There is competition everywhere and if you are not doing things the proper way you will find yourself out in the cold and not able to benefit from the power of the internet marketing world. No matter how difficult it may seem, if you can follow some simple guidelines, you will find the competitive edge that is required for success.

The first thing that you need to do in order to be successful is to do a thorough search for a niche. Researching a particular idea can be accomplished through a variety of sources. There are books with wonderful ideas, past experience to guide you, and brainstorming some ideas and thoughts. These are just a few of the many different methods. One of the best sources however, is the internet.

With the availability of search engines, article directories, and forums you can maximize your results in the shortest amount of time possible. These tools can make the research process easy and efficient for you. You need to have at least some idea of what you are looking for and utilizing these tools can be invaluable to broadening your horizons and ideas.

Once you have done your research and screened the available niches, you need to pick the one that is most suitable for you. When you are choosing your niche, find one that you are passionate about, something that has meaning to you. This is an extremely important part of the decision. Passion is what makes you work on your project for hours and hours and always leaves you wanting more from it. Being passionate about your work gives you the ability to understand the whole market.

Passion puts you on a constant quest for every piece of knowledge that is available in your chosen field. The knowledge that you gain gives you a powerful edge over the competition. Your passion will also give your niche a personal touch. Every single person is passionate about different things. There are things that will work for some business people and not others. There should be a strong bond between you and your niche that cannot be destroyed by anyone or anything.

Another thing to keep in mind is that no one should ever try to reinvent things that are already perfected and working. There are a lot of people that try this and fail. They are able to find a niche that has great success and then they try to follow the exact steps with the false sense that this will lead them to financial freedom. It is nearly impossible to copy a niche that has had success in the past. Not having the ability to copy a niche is not saying that people cannot benefit from the success of these niches.

The best way to go about this is to create a niche that works within the successful niches. There are endless possibilities in these niches if you just put some effort into it and use your imagination.

Free Web Site Traffic Sources

Posted by henrischauffler on August 28, 2016

One of the definite advantages to internet marketing is the availability of so many free web site traffic sources. There are literally hundreds you can choose from to suit your business and website, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, EzineArticles, Squidoo, USFreeAds, Craigslist, traffic exchanges, safelists, and more. This article will speak about a lesser known way to generate free web site traffic: writing newsletter articles.

While all the free methods of getting traffic to your website work very well, they can take quite a bit of time and consistency in your efforts before you start seeing the rewards. However you can get a so-called jump start on your efforts by writing newsletter articles. If you’ve done article marketing, you already have the know-how to do newsletter articles. The only difference is where you submit them. The hardest part of the whole process is finding someone who will publish your articles. And it’s really not hard, just a little time consuming. However, the results are immediate.

Here’s how it works. Editors of newsletters always need good content, especially if their newsletter is published frequently. So, some of them will allow you to publish your article for free, in exchange for offering them the work. The key is to make sure that your article is well-written and offers valuable information. And then, the key to getting traffic to your website is to offer compelling information in the resource box at the end of the article, with a brief description of you and/or what you offer, and the link to your site.

After you’ve decided the topic of your article, as it relates to your website of course, then you need to look for newsletters in your niche. In order to get the greatest burst of visitors, find at least 10 newsletters (better 20), that will accept free newsletters. Find out how many subscribers each newsletter has–in general, the most successful and important ones will publish this information. Send your article to the one with the highest number of subscribers first and continue down the list. BUT make sure that you wait a couple of days in between each submission so that you avoid having the same article published by different newsletters on the same day, causing embarrassment to them and possible denial of any future articles from you.

When you’ve finished sending the article to all the newsletters on your list, then send it to lists (such as, for example) that hold articles that other newsletters can send to their subscribers. Remember that the key to getting the best results with this in terms of free web site traffic is to write good content. You don’t have to be a professional writer but your article should be free of grammatical and spelling errors, and perhaps more importantly, offer valuable information that answers the questions or solves the problems of your target readers.

How To Discover A Free Web Site Traffic Counter

Posted by henrischauffler on August 27, 2016

If you’re looking for a free web site traffic counter, you really don’t have to look very far. There are many websites that provide this service to you.

If you’re not familiar with the basics of a free web site traffic counter, here’s just a brief explanation. You sign up for a free account, enter in your contact details or whatever other information required, and you are given a code which you can then paste into your website so that the program can retrieve the necessary data. If you want the number of website visitors to your site to also be shown to your web visitors, you can choose a code for that. And often times, you can choose a specific graphic of how you want the counter to appear. Or, if you don’t want that information shared (like in the instances of newer websites), then you can choose a code that will make it invisible.

Here are just a few of the traffic counters out there.

Let’s start with Google, for one. They offer a service called Google Analytics. Now this service is completely free if you are a Google Adwords customer and you’ve paid your bills. If you are not a Google Adwords customer, the service is free until you reach five million pageviews per month per account.

Stat Counter is another service which is offered for free until you reach one and a half million pageloads per month. The price then goes up from just nine dollars per month for 1.5 million to 7.5 million pageloads, 19 dollars for between 7.5 million and 15 million, and 29 dollars per month for over 15 million.

Free Stat Counter, as the name implies, is free. However, you do pay a price for that, if not in actual dollars. This service includes a sponsor link that is built into the code you display, so they generate revenue from advertising, but you might now want the sponsor information on your site.

Website Hit Counters offers a great variety of counter graphics to choose from, in all sizes, shapes and colors. This service also adds a sponsor into their code that either links back to Website Hit Counter’s website or the sponsor. This informative site also offers good resources, tips services, guides and information for webmaster.

Free Hits Counter is yet another free stat counter. This is a very basic site, with a few counter designs to choose from. Just plug in your site information and you are ready to go. This site is also free because the counters are sponsored by advertisers who receive a small link.

If you do decide to go for one of the free web site traffic counters, make sure that you do not alter the code (for example, to take out the sponsor link) as this violates their terms of service.

FREE Web CEO Wins As The Top Search Engine Ranking Tool

Posted by henrischauffler on August 25, 2016

Serious users of SEO tools to enhance any SEO campaign are recognizing that Web CEO at is a powerful addition to their SEO arsenal. It has two editions, one free, the other a pro edition (just the free edition discussed here). The free edition is a powerful search engine ranking tool as it contains keyword analysis, link partner strategies, search engine submission, analytics, broken link reports, on-page optimization reports, link popularity and competition analysis.

A SEO services company can really benefit as an HTML file can be exported showing any SEO reports that show the on-page and off-page optimization strength of a client’s site. Resellers can brand the SEO reports and offer them as part of a professional service.

The best part of the free edition is its KEI report (Keyword Effectiveness Index) which allows you create a basket of keywords aimed at your niche. This makes Web CEO a strong contender in the search engine ranking tool category. It is a powerful analytical tool that offers visitor tracking so user trends can be monitored.

The first and most important part of an SEO plan is on-page optimization. Web CEO will find broken links, bad code and offer solutions on how to optimize. It will report on the tags used in the code e.g. title tags not optimized, Meta tags not written properly. This way you are guided on how to improve the quality of the web pages so that a better SERP ranking is achieved.

You do not need to be an experienced SEO marketer or web designer; the tool is so easy to use that you will be up and running in no time. The GUI interface is very user-friendly. You can store records of tools in use so that they can be loaded back the next time you open Web CEO. This is useful in campaigns as you recall your previous tasks.

Another great report is the web site monitoring tool. This sends reports each week to your email box on the status of your web site. This search engine ranking tool is like having an IT team monitoring your site while you concentrate on your business. The report shows uptime, any download failures, connect ping issues and comments on the stability of your server.

The live traffic report brings you coverage that other free tools lack in their reporting. For today’s e-commerce sites, this is crucial to a campaign. Knowing how to increase conversions is a survival game particularly when you consider the costs of many PPC campaigns being in the thousands. So, knowing the best keywords for your niche is vital. This tool serves you in this area with the same efficiency as having a SEO services team standing behind you.

You can analyze the web for partners and find link sharing possibilities. The free edition also allows you to submit your pages to the top search engines or to all of them – up to 150 if you want.

It could be the holy grail of SEO tools with its impressive toolset. Not to mention its fantastic 47 tutorials with videos and a certification test that you can use to profess your SEO skills. This tool is as good as it gets, don’t overlook it if you need that punch in your SEO strategies.

Design a Free Squeeze Page

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If you’re looking for a completely free squeeze page, then you have several options to choose from. If you do have some money to invest, it’s not a bad idea to do it in a squeeze page. These are the pages that you will use to generate leads, or business contacts, and eventually sales, so having a professional, converting page is something worth spending money on.

But if you are just starting out, you can do just fine with a free squeeze page. One site that offers this type of product is Sign up (for free, of course) and then create a basic squeeze page by following the directions. You will need to either purchase an auto-responder from this service or use the code from your existing auto-responder. is another site that offers free service. This one actually gives you the choice of doing a website, blog or salespage and it comes with step-by-step tutorials to walk you through exactly what to do.

If you are just looking for squeeze page templates, then you also have quite a choice. You can really go into Google and just type in the term “free squeeze page templates” and you’ll get quite a list.

If you have decided to go your own route and design your own free pages, there are some tried and true guidelines that you want to meet. For example, you will want to use a brick red headline, in bold, and possibly followed by a black, bold sub-heading.

Your heading must be compelling – it must grab your visitor’s attention right away and make them want to read or, in the case of a video squeeze page, to listen further. And somewhere right in the beginning, not necessarily in the headline but just under it, you want to tell the visitors exactly what they are going to get. Don’t make them search for what you are offering.

Next, remember that you want the page to be as clear, uncluttered, and simple as possible. Make sure that your visitor knows exactly what you want him or her to do. If your goal is just to get his or her contact details, your opt-in form should be towards the top — don’t make your visitor scroll down because he or she may not get that far. And whatever it is that you are offering in exchange for their contact details has to be good– a free sample, free information, a free consultation. Make sure it is targeted specifically towards your target market.

Testimonials are another key to effective squeeze pages. People want social proof–in other words, the proof that what you are offering has benefited or is benefiting others. Even adding just one testimonial can make a world of difference from having nothing. As with anything else, you will need to test and track your free squeeze page to see what works and what doesn’t.

Discover Free Pay P?r Click Money ?? Available

Posted by henrischauffler on August 24, 2016

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H?w?v?r, th?r? ?r? a number ?f pay ??r click search engines ?ut th?r? th?t ?r? offering free pay ??r click campaigns, ?r free money incentives f?r ?n??n? wh? ?? willing t? try ?ut th??r programs. “Why?” Y?u ask! B???u?? th??? pay ??r click search engines ?r? trying t? grow t? th? size ?f th? larger networks like Google’s AdWords. Th?r? ?? n? financial obligation required, ?? ?t ?? worthwhile t? check ?ut th??? unique means ?f marketing ??ur websites. offers $1.00 worth ?f PPC advertising. offers $10.00 worth ?f PPC advertising. offers $25.00 worth ?f PPC advertising. offers $25.00 worth ?f PPC advertising. offers $10.00 worth ?f PPC advertising. offers $5.00 worth ?f PPC advertising. offers $10.00 worth ?f PPC advertising. offers $10.00 worth ?f PPC advertising. offers $100.00 worth ?f PPC advertising. offers $10.00 worth ?f PPC advertising. offers $10.00 worth ?f PPC advertising. offers $10.00 worth ?f PPC advertising. offers $5.00 worth ?f PPC advertising. offers $5.00 worth ?f PPC advertising. offers $25.00 worth ?f PPC advertising. offers $25.00 worth ?f PPC advertising. offers $10.00 worth ?f PPC advertising. offers $10.00 worth ?f PPC advertising. offers $25.00 worth ?f PPC advertising. offers $2.00 worth ?f PPC advertising. offers $200.00 worth ?f PPC advertising. offers $50.00 worth ?f PPC advertising. offers $10.00 worth ?f PPC advertising. offers $10.00 worth ?f PPC advertising. offers $5.00 worth ?f PPC advertising. offers $50.00 worth ?f PPC advertising. offers $5.00 worth ?f PPC advertising. offers $5.00 worth ?f PPC advertising. offers $25.00 worth ?f PPC advertising. offers $50.00 worth ?f PPC advertising. offers $10.00 worth ?f PPC advertising. offers $10.00 worth ?f PPC advertising. offers $25.00 worth ?f PPC advertising. offers $10.00 worth ?f PPC advertising. offers $10.00 worth ?f PPC advertising. offers $1.00 worth ?f PPC advertising. offers $10.00 worth ?f PPC advertising. offers $5.00 worth ?f PPC advertising. offers $20.00 worth ?f PPC advertising. offers $25.00 worth ?f PPC advertising. offers $25.00 worth ?f PPC advertising. offers $50.00 worth ?f PPC advertising. offers $25.00 worth ?f PPC advertising. offers $5.00 worth ?f PPC advertising. offers $20.00 worth ?f PPC advertising. offers $5.00 worth ?f PPC advertising. offers $10.00 worth ?f PPC advertising. offers $10.00 worth ?f PPC advertising. offers $50.00 worth ?f PPC advertising. offers $25.00 worth ?f PPC advertising. offers $25.00 worth ?f PPC advertising. offers $10.00 worth ?f PPC advertising. offers $10.00 worth ?f PPC advertising. offers $10.00 worth ?f PPC advertising. offers $10.00 worth ?f PPC advertising. offers $10.00 worth ?f PPC advertising. offers $10.00 worth ?f PPC advertising. offers $50.00 worth ?f PPC advertising. offers $10.00 worth ?f PPC advertising.

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H?w?v?r, a word ?f caution needs t? b? ?ut forth ?t th?? t?m?. It ?? ?lw??? important f?r ??u t? check th? terms ?f service f?r signing u? w?th th??? search engines. Th? “free pay ??r click” m?? n?t b? ?? free. Furthermore ?t ?h?uld b? noted th?t ??m? ?r ?ll ?f th??? offers h?v? b??n changed ?r withdrawn.

How You Can Work From Home with Free Online Internet Jobs

Posted by henrischauffler on August 23, 2016

If you’re looking for free online internet jobs, you’ll be happy to learn that you really have a lot of opportunities to choose from with a huge variety of topics and skill and time commitement requirements. This article will discuss some of
what’s out there and where you can find it:

Internet jobs can be found on if you type the word “internet” into the search box on the home page. This site offers all sorts of on and offline jobs that are currently available.

One of the most popular free online internet jobs nowadays is survey taking. While this most likely won’t put a full-time income into your bank, it can help you make ends meet if you do it in your spare time. Survey taking is extremely easy and you can sign up at the many survey sites for free. Most surveys offer anything from $1 to $25 for each survey that you take although some can pay less and some can pay more. The appeal of this type of work is that you can get started right away for free and that there is really no learning curve involved. But the work can be dull and time-consuming. Other related online jobs pay you for reading emails, trying products, rating movie trailers or reviewing advertisements.

If you have just a little bit of an entrepreneurial streak, you might want to look into affiliate markeing, one of the hotest free online internet “jobs” on the market today. Affiliate marketing is very popular for the following reasons:

1) You don’t need to invest any money to get started
2) There is a huge potential to earn a lot of money
3) This type of marketing alows you to earn money even when you’re not working – passive income.
4) You don’t need to have your own product or service to get started

Affiliate marketing works like this:

You choose a product or service that you want to promote. You can do this at one of the many affiliate marketplaces like ClickBank or commission Junction, after you’ve signed up for your free account. In most cases, you do not have to purchase the products that you’re promoting although you might want to check them out before you do recommend them to others.

Once you’ve picked out your products, you’ll have your own link to these specific items. When someone purchases from your link, you make a commission. The key to affiliate marketing is getting your product in front of a lot of people. You can do this for free at Twitter, FaceBook, within online forums or even through your own free blog or website. You can find lots of free training online when it comes to learning how to succeed in affiliate marketing.

Free online internet jobs and similar opportunities are extemely abundant in today’s internet economy. All you need to do is find the one that fits your skills, personality and requirements best.

How to Start Your Own Free Money Making Websites

Posted by henrischauffler on August 22, 2016

So, you’re hunting for free money making websites. This article takes a look at the two aspects involved in this search: the free websites and the money making websites. . .and how to combine the two.

There are many options that you can choose from if you are looking for free website platforms., and are three of the most popular choices for building your own website step by step. If you are just starting out, these could be good options to learn on with a free account. Obviously the free account will limit the features that are available to you but you can also upgrade at any time. These sites all have tutorials to help you get started if you’re brand new to building websites.

Another option is to create a free blog. Typically, blogs differ from websites because they offer opinions or suggestions and because they are more dynamic. Blogs should be updated frequently and consistently with your articles (posts). A website is more static. The information that you put on the pages of your website will not change too often or too much., and are some of the most common.

It really makes no difference whether you choose actual websites or blogs to be your free money making websites. Either way, the money-making aspect to apply will be the same. Here is how to monitize your site.

Regardless of whether or not you have your own product or service to sell, you can make money from your website/blog by adding Google AdSense ads. Most website and blog platforms offer this service automatically so all you have to do is sign up – it’s completely free. Once you’re approved, ads that are relevant to the content of your site will appear and when your visitors click on these ads, you will make money. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Another way to monitize your site, even if you have nothing of your own to sell, is to offer affiliate products to your visitors. Sign up for an affiliate account with any of the affiliate programs (ClickBank and Commission Junction are the most popular) and choose the products that you want to promote. Obviously, these items need to jive with the theme of your website or blog. Put some information about this product in your website or blog along with your affiliate link and whenever someone ends up buying the product, you get a commission on that sale. Affiliate programs typically offer somewhere between 50 – 75 percent commission so you can do really well with this depending on how much traffic you get to your site and how relevant the products are to your theme.

As you learn more about earning money with blogs and websites, you can also start thinking of developing your own product(s) and service(s) that would serve your audience.

There aren’t too many ways that you can earn money without spending any. . .but free money making websites defy the norm!