Search Engine PPC – How to Make Money with Google and Other Ad Networks

Posted by henrischauffler on August 31, 2015

One of the quickest ways to make money online is through search engine PPC. But, you have to do it right because one of the quickest ways to lose money on the internet is also through search engine PPC.

Pay per click is a form of advertising where you only pay for the ad space if someone clicks through and lands on your web site. Google’s Adwords is the largest network of search engine PPC. Yahoo and MSN constitute the “second tier” while a number of less expensive engines can deliver targeted traffic starting at only 1 cent a click.

While some of the third tier ad networks still rank the ads according to the maximum bid, Google revolutionized search engine PPC when they set Adword’s functions to rank ads on a combination of the price of the ad and the click through rate. Yahoo and MSN quickly followed suit.

The logic behind this is that if Google gets $1.00 for an ad that 100 people click through and $0.50 for an ad 500 people click through, they will make more money off the lower priced ad. Therefore, they will reward the lower priced ad with a higher placement on the search results.

That’s good news for strong copywriters. If you can convince people to click on a 95 character ad, you will be able to get more traffic at a lower price.

Now, some copywriters get pages and pages of copy to sell something. As a PPC copywriter, you have only a few characters. So, you have to make every one of them count.

The actual number of characters varies from ad network to ad network. Google Adwords allows you 25 characters in the headline and two 35 word body text lines. You also get to place a link to your web site in the ad.

One way to get search engine users to click through to your web page is to list a benefit in the form of a question. For instance “Do you want to get rid of acne forever?” is a benefit in the form of a question.

When you set up your campaigns, you will want to have the main keyword appear in your ad. This becomes bolded when a person types the keyword into the search engine and draws a viewer’s eye to the ad. For instance, if you have a product about weight loss, write one ad featuring the word “weight loss” and another ad featuring the word “diet.” If you just go with “diet” when some one types in “weight loss” your ad might be listed but the keywords won’t be highlighted. Think of all of the variations of your word like “lose weight,” “keep the weight off,” and “lose fat.”

Another factor you should consider when developing your ads is the keyword competition. Unless you have the money to blanket your market, you will want to choose keywords that do not have much competition. This way, you can get keyword terms that deliver traffic to your site for less money. As I write this, to get the number 1 position on the keyword “fast diet” you would have to pay $6.26. However, there are a wide variety of keywords going for $0.05 – Adword’s minimum amount. These include “your weight loss” and “lose weight metabolism.”

Finally, it is important with any Search Engine PPC campaign to constantly test and tweak your ads. You need to know what ads are being clicked on and what ads are converting. You can use the Google analytics program to tell you this.

You can make a fortune or lose your shirt on Search Engine PPC so learning everything about the system is important before you commit your hard earned dollars.

Tips About Affiliate Marketing Internet Style

Posted by henrischauffler on August 30, 2015

Are you one of the thousands of people looking for a way to supplement your income or in fact replace the income you lost when you were laid off? Thanks to the advances in technology and the World Wide Web you can begin to create income in a very short period of time. But you must be willing to work at it. If you are prepared to do just that; work that is, this article will give you some tips for to get a head start on affiliate marketing Internet style.

Affiliate Marketing Background

Just so you know affiliate sales have been around for centuries and centuries. However, back then the guy who created the product or bought the product wholesale, contracted with the guy who owned a backpack, tent or horse and buggy to go around the countryside selling the product. Once it was sold the owner of the product and the guy who he contracted with settled up. The owner then paid the contractor a percentage of the profits from the sale. In other words the contractor was a commissioned salesman. Shocker! Yep affiliate marketing is commissioned sales.

Don’t worry it’s not as bad as it sounds. Let me introduce you to Ken. Ken was 9 years old when he first became a commissioned salesman (sorry ladies but that’s what it was called back then). Ken saw an ad in a comic book that needed someone to sale Christmas Cards on a percentage basis. Back then it didn’t cost any money for him to sign up. He signed up and the company sent him a top notch demonstration folder of Christmas cards.

To make a long story short Ken sold Christmas cards from August through the end of November and he made $250.00, which was unheard of for a 9 year old in the 1950’s. By the way that kid named Ken is me. But I didn’t tell you this story to brag, I wanted to make a point about commissioned sales (affiliate marketing). If a 9 year old kid can learn how to do it; then you can. Now let’s move on to the Tips about affiliate marketing.

What kind of money can be made by an affiliate marketer internet style?

Tip 1: In order to put the maximum amount of money you can into your pocket it is important to choose a top notch product; just like I did when I was 9 years old.

If you’re just starting out it’s very easy to determine what’s good and not so good, by using the internet. Simply go to your favorite search engine, type in the name of the product (e.g. “Hood TV reviews”) and bam usually you will have more reviews than you can shake a stick at. You can use this technique to check out any affiliate product.

Tip 2: Going along with Tip 1 you can also check out the actual affiliate program you want to promote. Use the Search Engines and type in (e.g. “Ken’s Baloney Affiliate Program review/reviews”) and you can find out if Ken is a good payer of his commissions or if people say he is a scoundrel and a cheat.

Tip 3: Perhaps the most important tip I can give you from my perspective is don’t pay to join an affiliate program. There are way too many top notch affiliate programs it doesn’t cost a dime to join.

Tip 4: You can check out places such as,,, and many others to find good programs to make affiliate money in.

Affiliate Marketing Internet style is not difficult to do. But like anything else that is worthwhile you must be willing to work at it. One last tip for you, the better programs will provide you with the necessary tools for you to promote and not charge you a thing for the advertising tools. You can’t any better than that.

Should You Pay an Affiliate to Promote Your Product

Posted by henrischauffler on August 29, 2015

Many product owners wonder whether they should pay an affiliate to promote their product. While I think the answer is generally yes, there are exceptions to when you want to pay an affiliate.

You can only get so many people to come to your website on your own. Your pay per click resources are limited and you can only write so many articles and create so many back links before your time is exhausted. If you have an army of affiliates promoting your product, you simply will be able to make more sales. If your affiliates aren’t poaching off of the sales you would make yourself, paying affiliates to market your product is a no brainer.

If you were selling chocolate chip cookies, each additional dozen cookies would cost you money to produce. But digital products are different. It costs you almost the same amount of money to produce one product as it does to produce a million. Therefore, why wouldn’t you want to pick up low hanging fruit by paying affiliates to promote your product?

Additionally, once you get a customer, you can sell to him or her for life. If you have structured your product line correctly, you can pay an affiliate 75 percent of the original purchase price, but continue to market to that customer for the rest of his life without paying the affiliate any additional money.

Affiliate marketers are very good at their area of specialization or they wash out quickly. Some are experts at pay per click and know how to deliver traffic to your site that converts. Others put in the time to write articles that pre-sell customers on your product before they ever land on your page. Video marketing, forum marketing, and classified ads are other specialities of affiliate marketers.

So, are there times when it doesn’t make sense to pay affiliate marketers? Yes, there are.

If you are only going to sell 100 of an item and you have 1,000 responsive people on your personal email list, you will probably not want to pay affiliates. When you can sell out the subscription yourself, there is no need to split the proceeds.

Another time when you may want to consider not using affiliates is when you want to control how the product is marketed. When you open the product up to affiliate marketers, you lose control of the advertising process. Marketers could spam safe lists or classified sites and give your product a bad name.

Most product owners, however, find that the benefits outweigh the down sides of paying affiliates.

Clickbank is the most popular way to set up an affiliate program for digital products. PayDotCom tried to give Clickbank a run for its money, but hasn’t taken off as well as the promoters hoped. You can also set up a script to run an affiliate program. The $7 script and Rapid Action Profits are two scripts which let you pay affiliates.

Discover Screen Capture Video to Increase Your Profit

Posted by henrischauffler on August 28, 2015

Have you ever wanted to promote a certain affiliate program and then discovered there are 100’s if not thousands already promoting it. Did you decide not to promote it because of this? Look! The fact is you can still promote it and blow all that competition out of the water. Actually it’s not difficult to do that using screen capture video. Not only is it not too difficult, but it can increase the dollar amount of your affiliate checks dramatically.

Thanks to the very rapid advancement of technology, screen recording software has become a tool that virtually anyone can use. Including you my friend! I’m not going to get into all the different screen capturing programs out there in this article. What I am going to do however is give you some ideas for increasing your profits with your own product or using it to market other marketers affiliate products.

You need to know that Google, MSN and Yahoo love videos. There is evidence that pages with video embedded on them get indexed more quickly. When this happens there is a good possibility you will find your video page jumping to the top pages of the Search Engines.

Incredibly when this happen you will find you are outranking even the top affiliate marketers of that particular product. There is also a good chance you may find your video is outranking the creator of the product your marketing. Now just how cool is that!

However, you must understand that the screen capture video must be closely related to the product your marketing. You are also going to have to make sure you select the best keywords for your potential customers to find your video.

Here’s a little tip for you to find the right keywords for your screen capture video page. Simply, go spy on your affiliate competitors that have been dominating the Search Engines. I know that sounds a little bit underhanded, but it’s not. You see common words of the English language cannot be copyrighted, so it’s entirely ethical for you to spy on your competition.

All you have to do is find your competitors by typing in the product name on the search engines search box. Bingo you will have your top competitors’ right in front of you. Click on the link to their site. Once you get there to the site go to the Tool Menu on your browser window and click on the “View Source”. In most cases you will find the keywords near the very top of the page. Copy the keywords and build your video targeting those keywords.

As your future customers begin to find you they will realize your video is very simple and easy to understand. As they begin to trust you it puts them into a much better frame of mind. In many cases it will be the trigger that pushes the emotional buy button. So that when they click over to your landing page or even directly to the sale page of the product they do so with their credit card in hand.

Screen capture video is not the panacea of search engine domination, but it is one heck of a very effective tool and it can make you thousands of dollars in profit. Just one other quick tip for you, if you feel like you can’t do it, why not outsource it.

Online Marketing Promotion

Posted by henrischauffler on August 27, 2015

There are several online marketing promotion strategies. You need to find the combination that brings the amount of pre-targeted traffic to your website in order to make sales.

The big online marketing promotion strategies that I’m going to cover in this article include pay per click, search engine optimization, and article marketing.

Pay per click will give you the quickest bang for your buck. You will be able to evaluate your success immediately when you use PPC. Unfortunately, this means putting some of your money on the line. Google’s Adwords program does not require you to pay for up to a month, but if you don’t make the money back immediately, you will be in debt.

When you do pay per click marketing as a form of online marketing promotion, you write a short ad (usually 90-125 characters) that appears alongside the search results on Google, Yahoo, or MSN. Your ads may also appear on relevant web pages if you don’t turn that feature off.

The position of your ad will depend on a combination of the amount you are willing to pay for each visitor and the percentage of people who see your ad and are willing to click through. Therefore, writing a good ad for low competition keywords is the way you make money with pay per click.

Now, you don’t have to pay to show up on Google’s search, but you do have to work for it. You no longer get visitors just because you build a web site. You have to entice Google to list you.

If you want Google to list you high in their search rankings, you must do a number of things on your web site and off your web site to attract the computer programs (also called “spiders”) that Google and the other search engines run to determine search ranking.

Your site itself must be search engine friendly which involves having the right coding in your html as well as contextually driven content. You should also update your site frequently adding more pages to improve your search results.

But you also have to build a web of links to your site. You can do this by submitting your website to directories, making blog posts about your website, and posting to classified sites. One of the best ways to build links is to submit articles to article directories.

Article directories have two valuable purposes for online marketing promotion. One is to build links which increases the chance that your own site will be indexed in the search engines.

But there is another valuable feature to placing articles about your topic on article directories. Established directories have high page rank themselves, and the article you place will get the benefit of that. When someone types in a search term related to your site, it might not show up, but if you have submitted an article to a directory, your article might. Once the person reads the valuable content you have submitted in the article, they will be induced to click through to your website that you list in your resource box. Some of the best article directories include EzineArticles, GoArticles, and IdeaMarketers.

A variation on the article directory is Squidoo. On Squidoo, you create a lens which is several short articles and refer visitors to your site for more information. Squidoo also offers a variety of tools such as embedded YouTube videos, polls, and guest books which make it a unique visitor experience.

There are many ways to get visitors to your site. Pay Per Click, Search Engine Optimization, and Article Marketing are three online marketing promotion strategies.

Organic Traffic vs Pay Per Click Traffic

Posted by henrischauffler on August 26, 2015

The primary difference that exists between pay per click traffic and ordinary organic traffic is the costs that are incurred by the advertisers when working with a pay per click program. When it comes to generating traffic through pay per click advertising, the advertiser has to make a small payment each time a user clicks on one of their pay per click advertisements. When it comes to organic traffic on the other hand, all of the leads and the clicks that are generated by users are completely free and cost no money to the advertiser.

Pay Per Click Traffic

Pay per click advertisements, which are also commonly referred to as PPC advertisements can add up and become expensive. If not managed correctly, a pay per click traffic generation campaign can quickly fail or become expensive and impossible to manage. However, when it comes to generating pay per click traffic, there are three things that you should keep in mind to help yourself get the most out of such a program.

1 – PPC is an excellent method for marketing that can create a large amount of buzz around a particular product or service very quickly.

2 – It tends to be relatively inexpensive, especially in comparison to other methods of traditional advertising and marketing.

3 – PPC is very flexible, and can be either a short term advertising campaign or a long term one depending on what your individual needs are.

There are several different key initiatives that you should executive as an advertiser working on the initial setup behind a pay per click type of advertising campaign, as well as while managing that campaign, and these are:

– Ad creativity, because it is vital that your ad be well written, focused and creative.

– Landing page, because having a landing page that is well thought out before you set your pay per click traffic campaign up is absolutely essential. Your landing page should have content that relates to your advertisement online. A good landing page can mean all the difference when it comes to generating a high number of conversions.

– Call to action, as a call to action is a prominent and necessary element of your page that should be located “above the fold” rather than requiring that a visitor to your website scroll down before a call to action is offered.

– Testing, because you should always test your website, new ad creatives, your landing page’s capabilities, call to action locations and how these different elements affect your conversion rates when it comes to generating pay per click traffic. The difference between a successful PPC campaign and one that is unsuccessful often has to do with whether or not you are testing new options, ads and calls to action because these details really do make all the difference when it comes to creating an ad campaign for PPC that is going to generate results.

Make Money on Craigslist How to Use the World’s Best Classifieds

Posted by henrischauffler on August 25, 2015

Do you know how to make money on Craigslist? Craigslist is the world’s largest and best classified site. And the best part is that almost all of the classified ads on Craigslist are free.

Craigslist started out as a simple email list that Craig Newmark sent to friends in the San Francisco bay area. At first it was a list of the weekend’s parties and events. As his personal list of recipients grew, people began asking him to list a roommate vacancy or a job opening.

Eventually, he decided to put the list online and let anyone post to it. At first, the site was only for San Francisco area users. But in 2000, they set up separate listings for Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Portland (OR), San Diego, Seattle, Washington DC, and Sacramento.

The site currently has more than 550 cities in 50 countries around the world.

Craigslist gets 12 billion page views a month and is the world’s 8th most popular English language website.

Knowing this, do you think you could make money on Craigslist?

Well, you need to keep in mind that Craigslist has an internal culture that isn’t overly friendly to internet marketing sales. In fact, the official url is with the .org reflecting the company’s “relatively noncommercial nature.” There is a sense that it’s okay to list your couch for sale but not an ebook.

Still, internet marketers have found ways to make money on Craigslist.

There are several sections to Craigslist including community, housing, jobs, for sale, and services. Craigslist asks that you post internet marketing opportunities in the appropriate services section. For instance, a debt consolidation offer should go in the Financial Services section.

Not all marketers agree with the Craigslist guidelines and they post to other sections at their own risk. For instance, you can create ads for ebooks and place them in the books for sale section or give away subscriptions to your free newsletter in the free section.

Many people promote affiliate marketing and other internet business opportunities in the jobs section. This can be risky as these ads often get flagged. If you get flagged too many times you can lose your rights to post to Craigslist.

The most visited cities are posted under “US Cities” on the right hand side of the screen. San Francisco is, by far, the most visited page on the site. If you want to get your web site indexed quickly, make a post to the San Francisco page.

You can make money on Craigslist if you use the world’s largest and best classified site wisely.

Promoting Your Pay Per Click Sites Online

Posted by henrischauffler on August 24, 2015

Pay per click advertising campaigns are excellent for promoting not only ecommerce websites, but also pay per click sites as well, because pay per click is the most popular way to advertise online these days. Anyone and everyone is capable of getting in on the pay per click market, regardless of whether they are an ordinary housewife, or a successful big time internet entrepreneur, because these online advertising strategies are easy to implement and just make sense. If you are trying to advertise pay per click sites, then the advertising model that you implement obviously needs to be planned out ahead of time. There are a lot of considerations that you need to make ahead of time, including the creation of a high quality product that pay per click sites will be able to effectively advertise. If you do not have your own product, and if it is not a high quality product, then you may have trouble becoming an effective internet marketer.

Creating pay per click sites begins with a server, which is where you will host your website. Once your website has been set up, you can set up an open source shopping cart web application so that online ordering can be facilitated. This is the first step to creating the pay per click sites that will accompany your advertising campaigns. Using websites like PayPal for money transferring will make it easier for you to send and receive payments online, and receiving payments is especially important right now, when putting together your pay per click websites.

The next step in the process, when it comes to putting together pay per click websites and the accompanying pay per click advertising campaigns, is to focus on the marketing side, which is where the true concepts of pay per click come out in all their glory. As the name suggests, pay per click websites are designed to run on advertising that pays the site owner for the advertising on their site, by giving them a small amount of money each time one of the ads are clicked. In search engines, pay per click advertising costs the advertiser money, but only when his or her advertisements are clicked. In other words, pay per click sites can cost money, but they can also earn you money if you set them up correctly and utilize them well.

Some of the best companies that handle pay per click advertising include Google’s AdWords and AdSense, and the Yahoo Based advertising network, which used to be known as Overture, but is now just regarded as an ad center. Having a company handle your ad campaigns is important, but if you want to get the most out of your pay per click sites, you need to understand the basics so that you can perform your own maintenance and management on your pay per click websites.

Google Rank Check How to See the Value Google Places on Your Page

Posted by henrischauffler on August 23, 2015

Do you want to do a Google rank check? Google’s page rank is a patented algorithm. Google considers more than half a billion variables when determining your rank on the search results.

No one person knows what all of these variables are – not even the person who oversees the code. So, anyone claiming to be a Google rank check authority should be viewed with caution.

Still, there are some things we do know about how page rank works.

Google flat out says that pages they believe are important get a higher page rank than others. Pages with higher rank tend to appear higher in the search results, though you will see page rank 5 pages occasionally ranking higher than page rank 7 pages for a specific search.

Google also sees the links on a page acting as a “vote” for other pages. So, if a highly ranked page links to your site, you get more “juice” out of it than when a friend with no page rank links to your site.

Most experts agree that backlinks from .gov and .edu sites to have higher link juice than other top level domains because they are restricted to not for profit sites.

One way to get .edu links is to take out online ads on college newspaper sites.

But, any links from PR 2 or higher sites can help your page rank. One way to get links is to post comments on with decent page rank. But make sure that Google “follows” the links on the page first. Some webmasters set their sites up so that you don’t get any link juice from your posts. You can do this by downloading free software on the internet.

Other ideas for increasing page rank include:

· Join forums and post a link back to your website in your signature. Every time you make a post, you’ll get link juice.

· Submit your site to directories. Each directory which lists you will give you more of a chance of being listed higher in Google’s search results.

· Add an ezine to your site. Not only will this allow you to keep up with the people who visit your site, but you can also post information about your ezine to ezine directories.

· Publish articles on the article sites. You can drive traffic to your sites this way. But, high PR article sites also give you link juice.

· Create a sitemap on your website. This lets Google know how to index your page.

· Link to other pages within your web site. Putting links to the internal pages within the web site allows you to increase your link juice.

· Continue building pages within your site. Every page you create and link back to your home page increases the strength of your home page’s PR.

To do a Google rank check, you can install the Google toolbar to your Firefox browser. The tool is at -This will give you the page rank of every page you visit.

A Google rank check will allow you to know how your site is faring compared to similar sites.

Review of the Pay Per Click Formula

Posted by henrischauffler on August 22, 2015

The Pay Per Click formula is a specific product geared around the pay per click advertising model, and this particular piece of software has received numerous reviews, some which praise it and some which are a little harder on the product in general. This article is meant to read as an honest and unbiased opinion of the pay per click formula. If you are one of those people who is really interested in learning about how some pay per click marketers are making millions of dollars, then it would be worthwhile to keep reading in order to get a feel for what is possible with this type of marketing online.

The Pay Per Click Formula is a course that centers around the concept of driving pay per click traffic to cost per acquisition lead offers, similar in nature to Click Flipping though much cheaper without the $997 buy in amount. Most of these offers only pay a little bit more than a single dollar per lead, so the real key to being successful when it comes to this formula and the concepts around it is to generate a lot of traffic, and maintain those high traffic numbers in order to generate the conversions that you require in order to generate a steady income from these cost per acquisition lead offers.

The mastermind behind the Pay Per Click Formula course is named Gauher Chaudhry, and unlike most other internet marketers online today, he decided to turn this formula into a physical product that could be purchased. Each of the six modules included in the formula comes with a training manual and a CD that accompanies it. The six modules included in the training course include “Introduction to PPC – CPA Marketing”, “Building a Keyword Empire”, “Dominating AdWords”, “Dominating Yahoo Search Marketing”, “Dominating MSN AdCenter” and “Dominating Other PPC Search Engines”.

Each of the training manuals is easy to read, understand and then implement into your own marketing campaigns. The CDs are packed with video tutorials that only reinforce the material that is discussed at length in the training manuals, providing an excellent review of the information found within their pages. The Pay Per Click Formula does touch on some basics as well, including setting up a basic PPC account and how to join and get set up with CPA networks. Having a good working understanding of management sites like AdWords and Yahoo’s Search Network will certainly help you, but most of the basic knowledge that you need is already available in the PPC Formula’s numerous instruction manuals.

If you are serious about learning how to dominate new and interesting pay per click advertising markets by learning about CPA marketing and the concepts surrounding it, then the Pay Per Click Formula is definitely a good way to go because it will introduce you to a new way to generate money on the internet.