Small Biz Owners: Heroes!

Posted by henrischauffler on June 30, 2014

Small biz II I would like to celebrate YOU – the small business owner! Please take a minute and listen to what I have to say.

Our society, especially since 911, celebrates as heroes fire and police men and women as well as service men and women – and  very rightly so. We are all very grateful for the life-risking everyday life these heroes lead to keep all of us safe and protected. But  there is another category of heroes in our society that is often overlooked…

YOU – the owner CEO.

Did you know that small companies like yours employ over 40 million Americans, with 98% of those companies employing less than 100 people, generating in excess of $5 trillion in sales each year? In fact, despite all the attention given to “big” business, the backbone of our economy is small business

At the same time, look at the risks these business owner CEOs take every day: More than 400,000 new small businesses start up every year, yet 80% of those will fail within 5 years. It’s your capital, sweat and tears on the table everyday – and that of your family.

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards Gala with one of CEO peer group members who was a local finalist. What a wonderful program! 30 local businesses were celebrated in 8 categories. It was like an Academy Awards show for small business owner CEOs.

Every small business owner and CEO deserve such an award, including YOU – but the best I can do here is say: THANKS for what you do, and all success to you in your business and your life.

Without you, our thriving US economy would not be the world leader it is today! So – here’s to you!


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