Business Check-up: Eight Essentials For Business Success

Posted by henrischauffler on April 2, 2014

Success Target Graphic CorrectdFocus on the Eight Essentials For Business Success. Now, as you read these, you may say, “This is old hat – every MBA tells me to work on these!” Just bear with me, please…

Do a quick check-up on your business. How are you doing in these Eight Essential Areas?

Essential Area 1: Product/Service and Operations

Have you optimized the way your company delivers your product or service so that it’s the absolute best it can be? Do you know what the best is? If not, you’re going to continue to lose business to companies who have this area nailed down!

Essential Area 2: People

Do your employees, vendors and other service providers know exactly what they should be doing for you, and are you providing these people with the critical resources they need to excel in their job? Watch out -your competitors are empowering their employees while you sleep!

Essential Area 3: Sales

Do you know what your sales system is? Have you written it down? Have you transformed your customers into cheerleaders for your company so they’ll enthusiastically spread the word about you? The future of your business is riding on your ability to soar in this Area. Learn to create a rock solid Sales foundation you can build upon for years to come.

Essential Area 4: Finance and Accounting

Do you know what your net margin is on each product/service you sell? Too many creative entrepreneurs let finances and basic principles of business management sit on the back burner, to their ultimate peril. Hint: your accountant is not providing you this!

Essential Area 5: Product Development

Are you thinking for the future? Are you spotting trends and making plans to act on them? What will you be selling when your present “hot product” has completed its sales cycle? You can be sure that your competitors are thinking ahead, and you should too!

Essential Area 6: Leadership

Have you crafted the long-term vision of your company? Are all your people on the same sheet of music with that vision? Do they see you as an inspiring leader or as just another client or boss? When you read about great “business leaders,” this is at the core of what they do. Now, you can learn how to become this kind of leader for your own small business!

Essential Area 7: Marketing

Do you know how you will fill your sales pipeline next month? Next year? Better start filling it now – your competition is already filling theirs! The CEO Mastermind will help you put a laser focus on your business growth through targeted, potent marketing techniques. Understanding the basics of targeting, strategies, tactics and implementation will give you what you need to create your own powerful marketing plan.

Essential Area 8: Strategic Planning

How much money do you want to make and how do you plan to get there? Do you know what your 5 year and 10 year business strategies are? Do you know how to get there? What about your legacy? All successful companies have strategic plans. Many of your competitors do – it’s time for yours!

If you are strong in all eight of these areas, then you will handle any downturn well. Chances are, you have some work to do. If so, get busy!